Comfortable, wearable and mobile EEG device easily operated by users without any technical background and optimized for the estimation of cognitive and sensorimotor states in real applications.


The Hero is a device for real-time monitoring of EEG, very comfortable for the user and easily operated by non-technical personnel. Its minimal intrusion and great comfort enables applications that capture the natural behaviors of users in real environments. The EEG system is placed on average in 2 minutes without conductive electrolytic substances and registers with great reliability 12 dry EEG channels. The number and positions of the sensors are optimized for the estimation of cognitive and sensorimotor states (frontocentral and centroparietal cortex). The Hero is a wearable EEG with unprecedented ergonomics and usability that opens the door to out-of-the-lab brain-computer interface applications based on cognitive and motor states such as at home neurorehabilitation, enhanced driving in the automotive industry, or education among many others.


Comfortable recordings in real applications

A key feature of Hero is that it helps the user maintain natural and spontaneous behavior while recording their EEG. On the one hand, its minimalist, ergonomic, comfortable design with dry sensors helps the user feel comfortable wearing the device. On the other hand, as it is a wireless, portable device with exchangeable batteries, it provides maximum freedom of movement without intervention or close presence of researchers.

Estimation of cognitive and sensorimotor states

The Hero has twelve sensors placed over the frontocentral and centroparietal areas in optimized positions to estimate cognitive and sensorimotor states. For example, it is possible to measure motor-related cortical potentials (MRCPs), motor de/synchronization rhythms (ERD/S), visual P300, mismatch negativity N400 and variation of the global field power (GFP), among others.

Simple to use by non-technical personnel

The design of the Hero results in an intuitive operation even for people with no technical background. The device can be easily placed without previous experience with the help of procedures guided by the system. The setup time is on average less than two minutes. These features are key to develop applications integrated into the daily routines of users.

Researchers commenting on the results of an EEG headset

High precision and reliability

Hero has an innovative system of dry sensors with a patented mechanical design that ensures stable contacts over time, and an actively shielded board to eliminate noise and interferences. All this guarantees a robust EEG recording system without the need for conductive substances.

Young girl playing with a cell phone while her EEG is recorded

High acceptance by the user

The Hero is well-accepted by end users, thanks to its user-centered design. Special care was taken regarding its esthetics and technological aspects, and its ergonomics ensures maximal comfort. The sensors do not require any electrolytic substances between the electrode and the skin, which eliminates user rejection towards gels and the need to wash the user’s hair after its use.

Easy transportation and maintenance without extra costs

The equipment is easily transported and cleaned with common sanitizing wipes. Compared to other devices that require conductive substances, Hero requires no expenses on consumables (jars of gels, syringes, shampoo, etc.), reduces the time required to clean the cap and sensors to a minimum, and does not require any spare parts.


The Hero is a mobile, wireless EEG recording system with integrated electronics and a multi-platform software to measure brain activity.

1. Layout

Twelve sensors are placed in frontocentral and centroparietal areas (FC3, FCz, FC4, C3, C1, Cz, C2, C4, CP3, CPz, CP4 and A2). The layout enables the measurement, for example, of motor-related activity (mu rhythm desynchronization, motor-related cortical potentials), cognitive processes (alpha central desynchronization), components of evoked potentials (N1, P2, P300), and cognitive potentials (mismatch negativity N400 and contingent negative variation), among others.

Layout of the Hero

2. Headset

Ultralight, comfortable and easy to use EEG device. The headset adapts to the head size of the user thanks to the adjustable bands and exchangeable soft pads . The case integrates the electronics and the removable battery keeping the weight under 260 grams and distributing it along the whole case to ensure stability and comfort.

Young girl with the Hero

3. Sensors

Dry sensors with specific materials and manufacturing techniques that reduce contact impedances and noise without the need to use conductive electrolytic substances. Active shielding minimizes artifacts due to movements or electromagnetic interference. Designed with a pivoting mechanism that glides through hair and guarantees stable electrode-skin contact, and with self-adapting pressure control to assure user comfort.

Dry EEG sensors

4. Amplifier

The Hero integrated board registers 12 channels of EEG at 256Hz and has an Internal Inertial Movement Unit (which includes an accelerometer, gyroscope and three-axis magnetometer) that detects movement and estimates the absolute orientation of the device at every moment. Online relative impedance estimation is available to setup the cap and ensure good quality during recordings. An auxiliary input enables synchronization with other devices or marking of the signal through buttons or photodiodes. Bluetooth connection presents a range of up to 10 meters, and exchangeable batteries provide more than 4 hours of continuous operation. It is also possible to record on a MicroSD for more freedom of movement during 5 hours.

Back part of the EEG headset

5. Included Software

The Hero includes software to monitor and record EEG in a simple way. The software runs on any Windows 7 system and in Ubuntu, and on any computer or tablet with Windows 7 or higher, and Linux Ubuntu. Software functionalities include device configuration to control the EEG recording, online data visualization, import and visualization of previously recorded data, and data export in CSV format compatible with Matlab, Python, etc.

Software to record the EEG


With other hardware technologies

The equipment can be combined with many other hardware technologies to obtain more information about human behavior (such as biosensors, eye-trackers, location technology, video and audio recording, etc.). This integration can be done through any of the Bitbrain platforms that maintain the highest level of synchronization with very low latency and without the need for the participant to carry a laptop.

With software platforms

The equipment can be used within the Bitbrain modular platforms for research applications in neurosciences, health or neuromarketing. The platforms allow simultaneous recording with other technologies and perform the analysis autonomously or using Bitbrain's automatic analysis. Additionally, for any special requirement, Bitbrain has customized adaptation services.

With development tools

Bitbrain provides an ecosystem of programming tools to accelerate the development of neurotechnology products and services based on their equipment. From programming SDKs for Windows or Linux, to a complete development platform with units already available for synchronized acquisition, processing and interaction. Additionally, Bitbrain has customized development services.






260g (240g without battery)

  EEG Channels FC3-FCz-FC4, C3, C1, Cz, C2, C5, CP3, CPz, CP4 y A2
  Other channels  16bits Inertial Movement Unit (IMU) (9 axis)
  Other inputs (no EEG)

1 x 1 bit digital input or photodiode

  Sampling frequency 256 Hz
  Resolution 24 bits
  Bandwidth DC – 40Hz (3rd order Butterworth LPF)
  Input signal range ± 100 mV
  Input referred noise < 1 µVRMS  (0.5 – 30Hz)  @256Hz
  CMRR > 100 dB @50Hz
  Input impedance > 50 GΩ
  Data transmission type Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  Transmission range Up to 10 meters
  Data backup Yes (removable µSD card)
  Battery Removable. +4 hours of autonomy with the supplied batteries
  Charging time 3 h

On/Off/Connection state LED

Battery state LED

  Certifications EN 60950, EN 55032, EN 55024

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