Indoor position tracking system with high-precision estimation of position and trajectory (under 30cm error).


The InTrack system is a wearable and ultralight system of real-time tracking of a person's position, designed to obtain the maximum comfort of the user and minimum intrusion of the researcher, and to be used in natural conditions and real-life applications. The equipment is composed of 4 small beacons that are easily placed on any wall and a pendant, which with a simple placement around the neck allows recording with great reliability and unprecedented precision the position of the person in the environment covered by the beacons (approximately 200 square meters, expandable with more beacons). The system also has a configuration to improve accuracy in environments with difficult coverage or full of obstacles such as shelves or columns. Its great precision, ergonomics and possibility of self-placement by the end user, open an infinite range of possibilities to use it in conditions where the use of GPS, or beacon-based technologies is not optimal due to lack of coverage, or the need to have a great precision of the location over time.


High precision of indoors location

The InTrack system fuses distance information obtained from the UWB (time of flight) band, the Bluetooth power (RSSI), and inertial sensors to estimate the location of the person with respect to the beacons. The combination of these sensors allows to obtain very precise estimates (the average error is less than 50cm) and in real time of the position of the person with a frequency of 10 measurements per second. The equipment is of special interest for applications where a high precision in the location or a high temporal precision to track are key, or in applications where there is no GPS coverage, such as research applications developed in supermarkets, at home, at work, etc.

easy set up of indoor gps

Quick and easy assembly

The InTrack beacon system has a very simple assembly, so that it can be reused in different locations without the need for investments in complex installations. The beacons have magnetic bases that can be placed with adhesive putty or double-sided adhesive tape without damaging the laying surface. The beacons are mounted and dismantled in seconds on the bases thanks to their magnets and, when operating by means of rechargeable batteries, they do not need cables or be connected to the current to work.

Indoor GPS with ecological set-up on the user in seconds

Ecological set-up on the user in seconds

The InTrack pendant is a lightweight wearable that is placed on the neck of the person in a matter of a few seconds, thus facilitating a natural and spontaneous behavior while recording. On the one hand, its minimalist, ergonomic and comfortable design, favors the user to forget that he is wearing the device. On the other, since it is a portable device, without cables and with a range of more than eight hours, it allows maximum freedom of movement without intervention or close presence of researchers. Reusing the equipment from one user to another is an exercise of a few seconds (remove the pendant and place it on someone else).

Great coverage during hours

The minimum setup of the InTrack system is four beacons to cover a space of approximately 200 square meters, but the coverage can be made larger by adding more beacons. The autonomy of the system is approximately 10 hours of uninterrupted use, so that the system can be used for a whole day and the batteries to be charged at night. The beacons are attached to the base by means of a magnet, which allows a quick extraction so that the load or storage during the study is carried out comfortably in a safe place.

Solution for very closed environments

The environments with many obstacles such as shelves or columns are a challenge for any technology of indoors location since they produce areas of screening that deteriorate the precision. To improve accuracy in these environments, the InTrack pendant can uncouple the antenna of the pendant with an extension and place it on the person in a higher place such as the shoulder or head, significantly reducing the areas of screening and improving the accuracy of the system.

Compatibility with other technologies

The InTrack system is a wearable and non-intrusive device designed to work without any interference with other human behavior monitoring technologies such as EEG, biosensors or eye-trackers: on the one hand, it uses a frequency band (UWB) that is not used by other measurement equipment; on the other hand, it is placed on top of the clothes in a place that other sensors do not use.


InTrack is an indoor location system composed of 4 beacons that are placed on walls or other surfaces and a pendant that is placed on the person.

1. Pendant

Small equipment with a pendant design of 90gr of weight capable of recording at 8 Hz the position with respect to the beacon system with an average error of less than 50cm (in environments with visibility and up to 200m2). The connection of the equipment is made via Bluetooth with a range of up to 30 meters and allows recording for 11 hours continuously. The pendant has a modular design that allows you to uncouple the antenna and place it in other places such as the shoulder or head to improve accuracy in environments with many obstacles.

indoor gps device

2. Beacons

Four small and light equipment that are placed on the walls or other surfaces and allow the Pendant to estimate its position by trilateration of the relative distances. They have an approximate coverage area of 200 square meters, but this area can be increased by adding all the beacons you want. The battery lasts 10 hours of continuous operation and of weeks in stand-by mode.


3. Beacon Support Systems

The beacons are assembled and disassembled in seconds on magnetic bases that can be placed on any surface with adhesive putty or double-sided adhesive tape without damaging it. This allows for a quick extraction both to change your rechargeable batteries and to store them comfortably in a safe place at the end of the workday.

4. Included Software

InTrack includes software that allows controlling and executing studies in an easy and simple way. It can be executed on any computer or tablet with Windows 7 or higher, and Linux Ubuntu. The software allows device configuration, start-stop recording, live data visualization (online), import and playback of recorded data, and export of data in CSV format compatible with Matlab, Python, etc.


With other hardware technologies

The equipment can be combined with many other hardware technologies to obtain more information about human behavior (such as biosensors, eye-trackers, location technology, video and audio recording, etc.). This integration can be done through any of the Bitbrain platforms that maintain the highest level of synchronization with very low latency and without the need for the participant to carry a laptop.

With software platforms

The equipment can be used within the Bitbrain modular platforms for research applications in neuroscience or neuromarketing. The platforms allow simultaneous recordings with other technologies and perform analysis autonomously or using Bitbrain's analysis programs. Additionally, for any special requirement, Bitbrain has customized adaptation services.

With development tools

Bitbrain provides an ecosystem of programming tools to accelerate the development of neurotechnology products and services based on their equipment. From programming SDKs for Windows or Linux, to a complete development platform with units already available for synchronized acquisition, processing and interaction. Additionally, Bitbrain has customized development services.







 70 x 65 x28 [mm]

65 x 40 x 38 [mm]


 ~ 90 gr

70 gr

Sampling frequency



5 Anchors provide 266 square meters

uSD card




Li-poly battery


Barrel plug (Power supply provided)

Micro USB type B

Run time (duration)

> 10h


Charging time

< 2h

< 2h


Recording/StandBy LED

Battery state LED

Recording/StandBy LED

Battery state LED

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