Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Mobile Eye-Tracking technology to analyze visual behavior in real-world contexts outside the lab.

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A wearable and ultralight system of real-time eye tracking that allows obtaining an objective vision of human behavior, by showing exactly what a person is watching while moving freely in any real-world environment. Its great portability, maximum comfort and minimal intrusion, open an infinite range of possibilities to use it both in the laboratory and at home, shopping centers, automotive, or at work, among many others.


Natural behaviour

The design of the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 allows a natural behavior of the user while eye tracking is performed. On the one hand, as it is an ultralight device, participants can move their heads freely and behave in a completely natural way during the recording in any circumstance and application scenario. On the other hand, the discreet design without side or bottom frames provides a huge field of vision, while capturing large viewing angles and minimizing blind spots.

Easy use and mobility

Its user-centered design makes the Tobii Glasses 2 an intuitive eye tracking system that makes data collection a quick and easy exercise. Any user can perform data collection easily without previous experience with the help of procedures guided by the system and a quick calibration. To ensure maximum mobility during the study, it has a dedicated recording unit, a more reliable and convenient solution integrating an SD card, a synchronization port and batteries.

Maximum precision and reliability

The team is equipped with two cameras in each eye that uses the exclusive 3D eye model created by Tobii. This provides maximum accuracy and reliability with minimal data loss, allows the use of glasses successfully in a high percentage of the population, and ensures automatic compensation of the slip if in a dynamic environment the glasses slightly move.


Wearable Eye-Tracker designed to capture natural visual behavior in real contexts. The equipment consists of the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and the recording unit and is transported in a small briefcase.

1. Eye-Tracking unit

The tracking glasses capture what the user sees and records their comments. The main unit weighs only 45 grams, is discreet and provides maximum freedom of movement so that the user can show a natural human behavior.

2. Recording unit

The recording unit records the eye tracking data on an SD card. It also has a wireless technology that also allows the data to be sent via WIFI to follow up real-time monitoring. Thanks to this recording unit, the user can move without restrictions, ensuring data recording even if the connection is lost.

3. Included Software

The device includes software that allows controlling and executing studies in an easy and simple way. It can be executed on any computer or tablet with Windows 7 or higher, and Linux Ubuntu. The software allows device configuration, start-stop recording, live data visualization (online), import and playback of recorded data, and export of data in CSV format compatible with Matlab, Python, etc.


With other hardware technologies

The equipment can be combined with many other hardware technologies to obtain more information about human behavior (such as biosensors, eye-trackers, location technology, video and audio recording, etc.). This integration can be done through any of the Bitbrain platforms that maintain the highest level of synchronization with very low latency and without the need for the participant to carry a laptop.

With software platforms

The equipment can be used within the Bitbrain modular platforms for research applications in neuroscience or neuromarketing. The platforms allow simultaneous recordings with other technologies and perform analysis autonomously or using Bitbrain's analysis programs. Additionally, for any special requirement, Bitbrain has customized adaptation services.

With development tools

Bitbrain provides an ecosystem of programming tools to accelerate the development of neurotechnology products and services based on their equipment. From programming SDKs for Windows or Linux, to a complete development platform with units already available for synchronized acquisition, processing and interaction. Additionally, Bitbrain has customized development services.


Tobii Pro Glasses 2

  Gaze sampling frequency 50 or 100 Hz
  Calibration procedure  One point
  Calibration validation Yes
  Parallax compensation Automatic
  Slippage compensation Yes, 3D eye model
  Tracking technique Corneal reflection, binocular, dark pupil tracking
  Pupil measurement Yes, absolute measure

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