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Neurotechnology services provided by a multidisciplinary team with wide experience in neuroscience, engineering and data science.

Key features

  • Knowledge

    We develop the technology entirely at Bitbrain, thanks to our 360º expertise in all required areas to approach a neurotechnology project.

  • Passion

    We are convinced that neurotechnology will change the world, and we want to be part of this change with maximal involvement in all of our projects.

  • Trust

    We are committed with the quality of results, compliance with deadlines, and transparency.


More than 20 years of research

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in neuroscience and neurotechnology, with more than 150 published scientific papers.

High competitiveness in R&D

Research supported and audited by highly competitive research calls, such as the European Commission R&D programs.

More than 60 products and solutions

We have successfully translated the result of our R&D to more than 60 innovative neurotechnology solutions and products.

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Vehicle neuroconfigurator

Development of an integral solution to create a neuroconfigurator for the SEAT multinational, with the objective of being presented in European Motor Shows.

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EU NETT project

Bitbrain has participated as a host partner in the EU-FP7 NETT project with the objective of deepening knowledge in neural engineering and forming the new generation of neural researchers.

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L'Oréal: Store evaluations

Study carried out for L’Oréal with the objective of evaluating the emotional experience of consumers in L’Oréal stores.

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