Wireless indoor positioning system for indoor mapping and tracking with accuracy and ecology. Developed for human behaviour research in real-world applications.
indoor positioning system (IPS)

Wireless indoor positioning system (IPS)

InTrack is a real-time, wireless indoor positioning system (IPS) for real-world research scenarios that require great comfort and unobtrusiveness for the user, as well as an agile setup and outstanding signal quality for the researcher. This indoor mapping technology is composed by a pendant (Tag) that is placed on the participant like a necklace in less than two seconds, allowing total freedom of movement; and by 5+ beacons (Anchors) that are easily placed in the walls of the area to cover (>200m2). The automatic calibration of the Anchors grants an easy and fast process to define its position. 

InTrack comes with the Bitbrain Software Kit for data acquisition and programming, which has a large compatibility with real-time I/O and third-party data processing (LSL, Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, etc). Also, by acquiring SennsLab, it can be seamlessly synchronized with other human monitoring technologies such as ExG, GSR, eye trackers, among many others.

Main features

Wearable and mobile
Comfortable pendant device easy to set up in less than 2 seconds and simple set up of the Anchors.
Advanced technology
Fusion of time of flight (ToF), signal strength (RSSI) and inertial data to improve the accuracy of real-time positioning.
Automatic calibration
Easy and fast process to define Anchors’ position, without manual procedures.
Mechanical support
Ultralight and unobstructive Tag to allow total freedom of movement, and compact Anchors that are easily placed on the walls thanks to the magnetics bases.
Connectivity and storage
Bluetooth Low Energy technology positioning streaming or local SD storage.
Swappable and rechargeable batteries with 8+ hours of streaming and local SD storage.

Main components


Wireless, comfortable and ultralight pendant (72g) that can be self-placed by the final user in less than two seconds as a necklace allowing total freedom of movement and unobtrusiveness. Bluetooth streaming and/or on-board SD storage.



The beacons (Anchors) are easily placed on the walls of the area to cover (5 Anchors to cover >200m2) thanks to magnetics bases. The automatic calibration of the Anchors grants an easy and fast process to define its position. The area to cover can be extended to 600m2 (or more) by using a Coverage Extension Kit, which includes an additional package of 5 Anchors.

How to use

Neckly by Bitbrain, localizacion en interiores de alta precisión

InTrack tutorial
Learn how to conduct and study with InTrack.

Ejemplo de resultados estudio punto de venta con tecnología de posicionamiento, eye-tracker y GSR

Case study: Example of results output
With the Biometrics Plugin you will also obtain this type of results output.
How to use it

The pendant (Tag), is placed on the participant like a necklace allowing total freedom of movement. The beacons (Anchors) are easily placed on the walls of the area to cover (>200m2) thanks to magnetics bases. The automatic calibration of the Anchors grants a fast process to define its position. It comes with an intuitive, powerful software platform to collect data with the help of visual cues to assure quality montage and monitoring.


  1. Preparation: Upload the map of the area to be tracked in the software and indicate where you will place the Anchors in a numbered way.
  2. Set up: Place the magnetic bases of the Anchors on the walls as indicated in the software. Turn on and place each Anchor in its respective base (the Anchor number must match the number previously specified in the software).
  3. Calibration: Follow the instructions in the software which will indicate that you must approach each Anchor to execute the calibration correctly.
  4. Recording: Turn on and place the Tag, with the SD card inserted in the device, on the person's neck and start recording. It is recommended to check the calibration again.
  5. Storage: Easy to transport (everything fits in its small suitcase) and no maintenance is required. 


Technical specifications


Sampling rate8 SPS
Localization accuracy30 cm
Other sensorsIntegrated IMU (9 axis): accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer
IndicatorsOn/Off/ Recording state LED Battery state LED
BatteryNo-removable rechargeable lithium battery Charging time: <2 h
Autonomy> 8 h
Coverage200 m2 using 5 Anchors
IndicatorsOn/Off/ Recording State LED Battery State LED
BatterySwappable and rechargeable lithium battery Charging time: <2 h
Autonomy> 8 h
Connectivity and storage
Data transmissionBluetooth Low Energy 4.2 (online)
Data backup Tag: Yes (removable µSD card) Anchor: No
WeightTag: 72g. Anchor: 114g
Cleaning and maintenanceWipes moistened in tap water.
Warranty2 years
CertificationsCE and CB, with EN 60950, EN 55032, EN 55024


Software Compatibility (included with equipment)
Bitbrain real-time SDK In C/C++ for Windows and Linux.
Bitbrain data acquisition and visualization suiteLive visualization, streaming or SD recording, data export in CSV and raw data visualization.
Third parties real-time I/OLabStreamingLayer LSL compatibility (Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, NeuroPype, etc).
Third parties data processing Matlab (EEGLAB, FieldTrip, BCILAB,etc), Python (MNE, etc), Neuroguide and more.
Bitbrain software platforms (optional)
Bitbrain Human Behaviour Research LabPractical research platform for experiment design and data acquisition with 30+ sensor modalities seamlessly synchronized, and analysis with a wide range of emotional and cognitive biometrics available.
Bitbrain Programming PlatformMultimodal real-time neuroscience or brain-computer interface development.

What is included


The devices are easily stored and transported within a suitcase. Technology is easily cleaned with wipes moistened in tap water. 

  1. Dongle BLE 4.2
  2. 6 Chargers USB-microUSB
  3. 5 Lipo batteries
  4. Instructions 
  1. Tag (Wearable pendant) + SD Card
  2. Suitcase
  3. 5 Anchors (beacons) + 5 magnetic bases
  4. Bitbrain Software Kit

Note: the additional kit includes 1 items 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.


Basic Support is included during the lifetime of the product.

  • Email support
  • Technical assistance 
  • Knowledge base

Optional Premium support is available.

Bitbrain Software Kit
indoor positioning system (IPS) software

Software for data acquisition and programming, with large compatibility and with real-time I/O and third-party data processing.



Simplified data acquisition and setup
Collect data with the help of visual cues to assure montage and quality monitoring.
Flexible programming
Easy to use development with versatile SDK to address a wide variety of applications.
Powerful real-time applications
Using real-time LSL third-party platforms such as BCI2000 or OpenVibe among others.
In-depth data analysis
Compatible with advanced platforms such as Matlab, MNE and others.


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