Expanding the neurotechnology development

More than 25 adaptation projects of the development platform have enabled researchers to approach new investigation and development contexts with technology that is completely adapted to their needs.

All Equipment (21)Research (14)Health (8)Neuromarketing (32)Development (12)Services (22)
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Vehicle neuroconfigurator

The SEAT multinational utilizes the Minimal and Versatile family customized in a neurotechnology solution utilized by more than 16,000 people, autonomously.

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EU MoreGrasp project

Bitbrain has participated as a partner in the EU-H2020 MoreGrasp project with the objective of building motor neuroprosthetics for patients with spinal cord injury. See case

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Cognitive assistant for neuroscience

Technology group Integra has been awarded by IBM for the combination of the Minimal family and the Watson cognitive computation tool for neuroscience process optimization.

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Evaluation of conferences

Study carried out for Amicca in the context of the National Retail Conference with the objective of evaluating the impact of the conference.

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Walker for neurorehabilitation

EU CORBYS project researchers utilized the development platform in a brain-computer interface (BCI) based on motor states, and integrated within a robot walker for motor rehabilitation.

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Neurotechnology in real contexts

Researchers of the INMARK project utilized the Development Platform in a neurotechnology prototype with the objective of executing studies in real contexts.