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Bitbrain’s research platform is being used in different scientific research fields, helping researchers advance in areas such as engineering, social sciences and medicine.

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Motor neurorehabilitation

The Research Platform has been utilized to study the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) in patients that suffered cerebrovascular accidents.

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Cognitive states

The Research Platform has been utilized in studies on attention or mind wandering processes with the objective of developing brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

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Individuals with bone marrow injury

The Research Platform has been used to carry out a longitudinal study to characterize the loss of motor cortical patterns in individuals with spinal cord injury.

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Consumer neuroscience

The Research Platform was used within the RETOS ESPIMA project to investigate new metrics derived from EEG and Biosensors for consumer neuroscience.

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Emotional reactions

The Research Platform was utilized within the INNCORPORA DeMark project to evaluate experimental protocols designed to obtain emotional reactions to a a variety of stimulus.

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Digital search surroundings

The Research Platform was utilized in the ADIA SearchSense project to monitor and evaluate the brain reactions during internet searches.