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Bitbrain’s research platform is being used in different scientific research fields, helping researchers advance in areas such as engineering, social sciences and medicine.

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EU MoreGrasp project

Bitbrain has participated as a partner in the EU-H2020 MoreGrasp project with the objective of building motor neuroprosthetics for patients with spinal cord injury. See case

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Graphic design

The G2PM group of the University of Zaragoza utilizes several monitoring technologies integrated within the Research Platform to understand the emotional impact of industrial design methodologies.

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CSIC y Realidad Virtual

The GEA group of CSIC integrates our Minimal family and the Research Platform with virtual reality systems to study decision processes that affect environmental environments.

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Proyecto FP7 Nett

The Research Platform has been utilized in the NETT FP7 project to investigate motor and attention brain processes in the general public and in stroke patients.

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Applied neuroscience

The LabHuman at the Polytechnic University of Valencia utilizes the Research Platform with multimodal monitoring technologies and several virtual reality systems to encompass a variety of studies.

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Motor neurorehabilitation

The Research Platform has been utilized to study the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) in patients that suffered cerebrovascular accidents.