Next steps in market research

International brands use the Bitbrain Neuromarketing Platform to carry out hundreds of studies in all fields. Commercial and academic studies on branding, publicity, product testing, packaging, retail, digital surrounding or entertainment are the most common.

All Equipment (21)Research (14)Health (8)Neuromarketing (32)Development (12)Services (22)
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Selection of insights

Study carried out for Hero Global with the objective of selecting the best insights as starting points for the development of a new product.

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App design

Study carried out for Ibercaja to select the graphic line of its new app for better fit with its clients.

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Comparison of digital devices

Academic study carried out by Bitbrain to compare user experience when buying on three different digital devices: computer, cellphone, and tablet.

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Packaging elements

Academic study carried out with the Complutense University of Madrid to evaluate the impacts of color, text and image on the packaging.

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PRE/POST UX evaluation

Study carried out by Flat 101 for Biddus to objectively evaluate the usability of the current webpage of the company and a new design in prototype stage.

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Viral videos

Study carried out by Redbility to compare the conscious vs the unconscious reaction to viral videos.