Next steps in market research

International brands use the Bitbrain Neuromarketing Platform to carry out hundreds of studies in all fields. Commercial and academic studies on branding, publicity, product testing, packaging, retail, digital surrounding or entertainment are the most common.

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Songs for spots

Study carried out for Imaginarium to select the best song for a children's spot and to find areas of improvement in its design.

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Language in publicity

Academic study carried out with the University of País Vasco to measure the effect of language on the visualization of publicity spots.

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Brand impact

Study carried out on the evaluation of the Plátano de Canarias tag and its influence on the consumption experience.

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Creativity in publicity

Academic study presented at the Neuromarketing World Forum with the objective of understanding the creative process from creativities awarded at Cannes Lion.

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In-store experience

Study carried out by Equipos Consultores for Urban House, with the objective of obtaining emotional maps of the stores to identify improvement areas.

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Selection of logotype

Study on the evaluation of the emotional positioning of different versions of logotypes, selecting the one that generated emotions in agreement with the application scenario.