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Empowering multimodal neuroscience

Multimodal platform that enables simple, flexible and reliable neuroscience research, integrating more than 30 complementary technologies.

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Key features

  • Simple multimodal integration

    More than 30 integrated and synchronized complementary technologies to approach a wide variety of studies and applications in a simple manner.

  • Flexible experimental design

    Experimental protocols with all types of stimuli (images, videos, texts, web pages, events, etc) and high flexibility (randomness, rotations, etc.).

  • Simplified recording and analysis

    Synchronized data recording of stimuli and events for analysis in platforms such as Excel, SPSS, Matlab, EEGLab, etc.

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Custom adaptation

Development of customized software modules by adding functionalities or integrating third-party technologies, to complement or broaden your research with a solution that is integrally adapted to the different necessities.

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More than 20 years of research experience

Pioneer neurotechnology as a result of more than 20 years of research and development of Bitbrain’s R&D team.

High competitiveness in R&D

Research supported and audited by high competitive research calls, such as the European Commission’s R&D programs.

More than 100 research partners

Neuroscience research platform utilized by more than 100 private and public research institutions around the world.

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Some applications

Neuroscience and psychology research

Clinical research

Consumer neuroscience research

Research with virtual reality

Research on ergonomics

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