Versatile Kids EEG

Versatile Kids EEG

Portable and wireless semi-dry EEG cap with 16 or 32 channels for real-world research, focused on the pediatric population, providing great convenience to the researcher and comfort to the kids.

Portable semi-dry EEG cap for kids

These all-purpose semi-dry EEG caps with 16 or 32 channels are mobile EEG devices for real-time recording. They are adapted for the pediatric population and designed for versatile monitoring in a wide range of environments, providing great comfort to the researcher. The sensor bundle is longer, allowing different set-ups based on the use case. Its water-based EEG sensors allow flexible positioning. It has been developed with highly stable contacts and active shields that allow reliable and precise monitoring even in ambulatory conditions.

It is designed to be as comfortable as possible for the baby or kid, is easy to fit, does not require any electrolytic gels. The REF is placed on the kids' cap, the sensors are covered by a textile cap so that the child does not touch them or drop them.

Versatile Kids EEG comes with the Bitbrain Software Kit for signal acquisition and programming, which has a large compatibility with real-time I/O and third-party data processing (LSL, Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, etc). Also, by acquiring the Human Behaviour Research Lab, it can be performed a seamless synchronization with other human monitoring technologies such as ExG, GSR, and eye-trackers, among others.

I want to use Versatile Kids EEG for

Research studies

Possibility of using EEG technology in babies and kids in different fields: education, medicine, psychology, etc from a very early age.

Real-life applications

Develop new brain-tech products or services with the most accessible EEG hardware.

Brain-computer interfaces

Advance the frontier of interaction with reliable brain-tech usable by everybody, anywhere at anytime.

Main features

Mobile and wireless

Technology designed to be comfortable to set up and wear for babies and children. Bluetooth streaming and/or on-board SD storage.

Outstanding usability

Quick and easy set up even by non-technical experts, under different laboratory conditions.

Versatile layout

It can be placed in any position or by following the predefined layout within 10/20 and 10/10 international system.

Reliable semi-dry EEG monitoring

High-quality EEG that records with a resolution of 24 bits at 256Hz for 8+ hours thanks to active shielding with stable sensor contacts.

Practical technology

Clean technology that works with absorbent materials moistened tap water. Easy to transport and minimal maintenance.

High software compatibility

Intuitive software suite for users or SDK for programmers, and great compatibility with Matlab, Python, etc.

Versatile Kids with sensor cap and Kids cap

Main Components

Versatile Kids EEG layout 16 ch
Versatile Kids EEG layout 32 ch

EEG cap

Flexible designs adapted to the morphology of babies and kids (S, MS, M for babies and M, LM, L for kids). Sensors can be placed in any position or following the predefined design within the international 10/20 and 10/10.

Kids Cap

A cloth cover with a fox pattern that is placed over the EEG cap to prevent children from touching the sensors and to make the device more child-friendly.

EEG amplifier

Mobile, small, and light amplifiers with long cables that allow to attach them to the parents' arm or the baby trolley. Record with a resolution of 24 bits at 256 Hz. They also have an internal IMU (9 DOF) and a relative online impedance control system. With microSD recording or Bluetooth connectivity with more than 10 meters of range and up to 8 hours of continuous recording.

Technical specifications


Sensors and headset16ch
EEG Channels16 x EEG, REF + GND
Type of sensorsSemi-dry sensors, active shielding and optimized DRL
Head perimeter36-60cm (Caps sizes S, MS, M, LM, L)
Wireless amplifier16ch
Sampling rate / Resolution256Hz at 24 bits
BandwidthDC - 70Hz (3º LPF)
Real-time check impedanceYes (relative contact impedance)
Integrated sensorsIntegrated IMU (9 axis): accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer
Other inputs1x Digital input (1bit), 1x optical trigger (photodiode)
Input range and noise±100 mV, < 1 μVRMS (0.5 - 30 Hz) @ 256Hz ±400 mV, < 4 μVRMS (0.5 - 30 Hz) @ 256Hz (bipolar ExG)
CMRR / Input impedance> 100 dB @ 50Hx, >50 GΩ
Data backupYes (removable µSD card. Max 8GB, class ≥10 )
Data streaming and store16ch
Transm. / rangeBluetooth 2.1 + EDR with 10 meters in direct sight
Data filesCSV
BatteryRechargeable lipo battery. Charging time <3h
Autonomy> 8h
MaintenanceGentle soap and disinfectants
Warranty2 years
CertificationsCE and CB, with EN 60950, EN 55032, EN 55024


Bitbrain software kit (included with equipment)
Bitbrain real-time SDKC/C++ with Python bindings for Windows and Linux
Bitbrain data acquisition and visualization suiteLive visualization, streaming or SD recording, data export in CVS and raw data visualization
Third parties real-time I/OLabStreamingLayer LSL compatibility (Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, NeuroPype, etc).
Third parties data processingMatlab (EEGLAB, FieldTrip, BCILAB, etc), Python (MNE, etc), Neuroguide and more
Bitbrain software platforms (optional)
Bitbrain Human Behaviour Research LabPractical research platform for experiment design and data acquisition with 30+ sensor modalities seamlessly synchronized, and analysis with a wide range of emotional and cognitive biometrics available.
Bitbrain Programming FrameworkMultimodal real-time neuroscience or brain-computer interface development

What is included

Bundle includes

The devices are easily stored and transported within a suitcase. Technology is easily cleaned with common wipes.

  • EEG amplifier
  • Three caps (depending on the kids' age)
  • Kids cap
  • Power supply
  • Sponges (340 units)
  • Cable fixation tape
  • 1 sensor set (16/32 respectively)
  • Suitcase
  • Sensor bases (18/34 units)
  • Metric tape
  • Sensor placeholder
  • Instructions
  • Bitbrain Software Kit

Basic Support is included during the life time of the product.

  • Email support
  • Technical assistance
  • Knowledge base

Optional Premium support is also available.

Bitbrain Software Kit
eeg software for eeg dat acquisition and programming

Software for EEG signal acquisition, processing and programming, with large compatibility and with real-time I/O and third-party data processing.

Simplified data acquisition and setup

Collect data with the help of visual cues to assure montage and quality monitoring.

Flexible programming

Easy to use development with versatile SDK to address a wide variety of applications.

Powerful real-time applications

Using real-time LSL third-party platforms such as Matlab, BCI2000 or OpenVibe among others.

In depth data analysis

Compatible with advanced platforms such as Matlab, EEGLab or MNE among others.