A step forward in the data analysis of human behavior, with a complete, flexible, and practical solution developed for applied research.
analysis software for human behaviour research in neuromarketing, ux, politics, psychology, etc

A step forward in data analysis

SennsMetrics is a data analysis tool that includes a wide range of emotional, cognitive and behavioral metrics.  It provides an additional layer of data processing to segment, analyze and visualize your results through its flexible and intuitive tools.

Use experimental design templates and record your study with SennsLab, decode your data with SennsCloud, and analyze and visualize your results with SennsMetrics, covering the entire workflow of your research.


Wide range of metrics
Obtain meaningful metrics of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral data to enhance the analysis of your results.

Powerful analysis tools
Flexible and intuitive analysis tools to segment, edit, and visualize your data, to cover all your analysis needs.

Advanced visualizations
Unique visualizations that combine the metrics of multiple sensors to draw the full portrait of the participant reactions.

Any kind of stimuli presentations
Analysis tools
  • Real-time visualization
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Individual & aggregated results
  • Wide range of biometrics



Captures the use of cognitive resources to perform a task or visualize a stimulus.
Degree of involvement or connection between the person and the stimulus or experience.
Intensity of cognitive processes related to the formation of future memories during the presentation of a stimulus.
Range of attraction experienced during the presence of a stimulus or experience. It varies from a “positive / pleasant” to a “negative / unpleasant”.
The physiological “jolt” triggered by a specific stimulus.
Emotional activation
Physiological activation produced by an experience in time. It ranges from a state of calm to a state of excitement.
Visual attention
Areas of visual interest. It captures the elements that mainly attract gaze and quantifies consumer’s visual attention.
Implicit associations
Captures the level of comparative association between two concepts and various attributes.
Indoor localization of participants.

How it works

Output example

Results output example - Multimedia Output
A study conducted with EEG, GSR, BVP, and eye tracker.

Technical specifications

Human Behavior Metrics

Human Behavior Metrics
Emotional biometricsValence, emotional activation, emotional impact.
Cognitive biometricsAttention, memorization, engagement.
Behavioral metricsMouse tracking, time.
Eye tracking metricsVisual attention, fixations.
Implicit motivation and actitudesImplicit association response tests (IAT and Priming).
IPS metricsPosition tracking.
Metrics representations
IndividualFor biometrics, time and implicit association: Bar charts & statistical differences tables. For eye tracking, mouse localization and indoor localization: heat maps, ratio maps, time maps, trajectory maps, areas of interest (Time to First Fixation, Time spent, Ratio, Revisits, Average Time of Fixations, Previous Fixations) & aggregated fixation video.
CombinedEmotional positioning maps, videos combining metrics, stimuli, cameras & microphones (aggregated, aggregated by segment or individual).

Output format

Output format
FilesAll biometrics (individual and aggregated) in CSV format, compatible with third party tools (Matlab, Excell, etc)
Visualization softwareBitbrain biometrics visualization software. Analysis of intervals and areas of interest.
Multimedia materialsRepresentations and videos included for reporting.

What is included


Basic Support is included during the lifetime of the product. 

  • Software updates
  • Email support
  • Technical assistance 
  • Knowledgebase

Optional Premium support is available.


A step forward in data analysis
biosignals and biometrics synchronization software for human behaviour research

SennsMetrics is an extension of the SennsLab software tool which includes the most common study design templates, a wide range of cognitive and emotional biometrics, and a powerful data analysis platform.

Pre-designed studies
Built-in stimuli presentations to speed up the project design by standard and validated experimental protocols.
Wide range of biometrics
Emotional valence, activation and impact, attention, memorisation, engagement, and visual attention.
Powerful visualisation tools
In-depth data analysis with individual and aggregated data with a time resolution of 0.25 sec, with multimedia materials for visualisation.
Flexible and refined analysis tools
Analysis and visualisation tools for further refined analysis of group segmentations, time intervals of interest and visual areas of interest.

Scalability & Integrations

SennsMetrics grows at the same pace you do. Add more sensors, to get access to more metrics and complement your insight into human behavior.


Please, take a minute to fill the form, and to provide us with some information about your inquiry. This will be very helpful to guide you with the solution that better fits your needs and goals.

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