Advanced neurotechnology

Bitbrain® is a neurotechnology company that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and hardware to develop innovative products.

High-tech EEG brain sensing devices and software solutions for real-world human behaviour research, health and neurotechnology development. We help research, tech and health professionals to leverage neuroscience in a practical and reliable way.

Hardware products

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Mobile and wearable dry-EEG systems with optimised designs to facilitate the user's natural behaviour in real-world environments with outstanding signal quality.

Mobile semi-dry EEG systems with 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels, developed for monitoring in applications that require outstanding signal quality, even under the most demanding recording circumstances.

The first wearable EEG based on smart textiles for digital health and real-world neuroscience research.

Mobile and compact biosignals amplifier to monitor 21ch (extensible to 35ch) of physiological (ExG, RESP, GSR, etc.) and movement variables (EMG, IMU, etc.) with outstanding signal quality and millisecond synchronization.

Tobii Pro wearable and screen-based eye-tracking systems, for research both inside and outside the laboratory, and in combination with other Bitbrain equipments.

Software solutions

All Bitbrain equipment includes a software kit, with programming and data acquisition tools, and is compatible with third parties and Bitbrain software solutions.

The Bitbrain software tools give versatility to the researcher to work at a programming level (development of applications), or at a user level (acquire, visualize, and export data). It also has straightforward connectivity with real-time third parties based on LabStreamingLayer LSL, or off-line data analysis tools based on Matlab, Python, and more.

The Bitbrain software platforms are developed for: 1) human behavior research simplifying the synchronized data collection and biometrics analysis; 2) cognitive enhancement in health and wellness, and 3) to speed up the development and programming of real-time neuroscience or brain-computer interfaces application.

software for eeg monitoring and raw data visualization in real time
Technology development

Technology development

Development projects for customized neurotechnology solutions by the adaptation of one of our platforms, or by completely innovative solutions that integrate hardware and software. These projects encompass the development of a functional prototype until large-scale production of final products.

Research consultancy

Research consultancy

Design, execution, and interpretation of neuroscientific studies for the evaluation of products, services or experiences in different areas such as marketing, education, human resources or health.

Other services

Other services

Customized training services in neuroscience or neurotechnology, and design, development and execution services for communication actions that transmit an innovative image through neuroscience, innovation and cutting-edge technology.


More than 20 years of R&D

Two decades of experience in the field of neurotechnology and a pioneer team in neuroscientific research.

More than 25 projects with 250 partners

Research projects with the main global R&D public institutions and private agents.

Highest quality standards

Certified with UNE-EN ISO 13485, we seek continuous improvement in all our processes.

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