Wide variety of services related to our technologies: adaptation of existing equipment, manufacture of an entirely new neurotechnology device, research consultancy, among others.

Development projects for customized neurotechnology solutions by the adaptation of one of our platforms, or by completely innovative solutions that integrate hardware and software. These projects encompass the development of a functional prototype until large-scale production of final products.

Design, execution, and interpretation of neuroscientific studies for the evaluation of products, services or experiences in different areas such as marketing, education, human resources or health.

Our services cover the study design, the execution of the fieldwork, and the interpretation of results into actionable insights. We help brands, universities, and consultancies to have a better understanding of their consumers and make strategic decisions based on empirical data.

Customized training services in neuroscience or neurotechnology, and design, development and execution services for communication actions that transmit an innovative image through neuroscience, innovation and cutting-edge technology.