SennsLab is a synchronization software for experimental design and data collection that seamlessly synchronizes 35+ sensor modalities.

Multimodal synchronisation software

SennsLab is a human behavior research software tool for study design and data collection with 35+ sensor modalities seamlessly synchronized. It supports the entire workflow of your project, from the experimental methodology setting up to the data collection and exports for a complete analysis.

With millisecond synchronization, you will be able to gather valuable information from a wide range of sensor modalities (GSR, ECG, EEG, EMG, EEG, eye tracking...), and present stimuli through multiple platforms: SennsLab, ePrime, Matlab or Python. Thus, you will be able to analyze your data from Excel, SPSS, MatLab, and more, with ease and accuracy.

Most common Business & Academy fields of research

Neuroscience & Psychology

Understand the mechanisms supporting cognitive, emotional behaviour in general and clinical population, education, development, etc.

UX & Human Factors

UX & Human Factors

Analyse the user experience while interacting with websites and applications, workspaces, robots, vehicles, and more.

Consumer research

Obtain consumer insights from the analysis of non-conscious reactions of consumers.


Synchronized data acquisition


Real time applications

Any type of stimuli
Images, videos, experiences, websites, applications, VR/AR set ups...

Third-party SW stimulation
Eprime, Tobii Pro Lab...

Compatible with LabStreamLayer
BCI200, OpenVie, NeuroPype...

Data Analysis

Raw data to third-parties

SennsMetrics Optional

  • Matlab (EEGLAB, BCILAB, etc.)
  • Python (MNE, etc.)
  • Neuroguide WE
  • Others
  • Bitbrain software analysis tool
  • Emotional and cognitive metrics
  • Excel exports (individual & aggregated)
  • Multimedia materials

How to use

Website study - Execution of the fieldwork

EEG, GSR, BVP, and eye tracker sync using SennsLab

  1. Experimental design: Flexible experimental design that enables an easy set up of different presentation of tasks, import and definition of multiple stimuli and materials to be evaluated, definition of group segmentations, and third-party integration.
  2. Data collection: Simplified data collection with online visual guides to facilitate the set up of the technologies. The software automatically synchronises all the sensors and stimuli to be evaluated.
  3. Data export: Export data to third parties based on Matlab (EEGLAB, BCILAB, etc), Python (MNE, etc.), Tobii Pro Lab, etc.; or use the SennsMetrics software to obtain emotional and cognitive biometrics for further analysis.

Technical specifications


Dry-EEG and Semi-dry EEG Bitbrain families.
EEGDry-EEG and Semi-dry EEG Bitbrain families.
BiosignalsGSR, ECG, EMG, EOG, Respiratory effort band, Air flow, Temperature, BVP/SPO2, Snore sensor, Optical trigger.
MovementInertial motion units (9 d.o.f.).
Behaviour1/3/7 buttons box, 1 pedal button.
Eye trackingAll screen-based and mobile (Tobii Pro Glasses 2)
Immersive (VR)Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro.
Cameras + microsUSB camera and micro, screen capture (PC/mobile devices).
TestsQuestionnaires, implicit association/response tests.
Sync data collection (Hardware)
DatabaseParticipants and studies
Experimental protocols
Basic stimuliImages, videos, audio, free tasks.
Advanced stimuliWebpages, apps, focus groups, interviews, surveys, experiences.
Protocol settingsRandomizations, rotations, events, TCP/IP event recording.
Compatibility with stimulation platformsE-Prime, Tobii Pro Lab
Data analysis and export
Supported filesCSV
Compatibility with data analysis platformsCompatible with data analysis tools based on Matlab (EEGLAB, BCILAB,etc), Python (MNE, etc), Tobii Pro Lab, Neuroguide QEEG and more.
Real time I/O connectivity
Compatibility with real-time platformsCompatible with real-time third parties based on LabStreamLayer LSL (BCI2000, OpenVibe, NeuroPype, and more).
Real-time APIYes (bidirectional). Streams data and registers external events.

SennsMetrics (optional)

Human behaviour metrics
Emotional biometricsValence, emotional activation, emotional impact
Cognitive biometricsAttention, memorization, engagement.
Behavioral metricsMouse tracking, time.
Eye tracking metricsVisual attention, fixations
Implicit motivation and actitudesImplicit association response tests (IAT and Priming)
Metrics representations
IndividualFor biometrics, time and implicit association: Bar charts & statistical differences tables. For eye tracking and mouse localization: heat maps, ratio maps, time maps, trajectory maps, areas of interest (Time to First Fixation, Time spent, Ratio, Revisits, Average Time of Fixations, Previous Fixations) & aggregated fixation video.
CombinedEmotional positioning maps, videos combining metrics, stimuli, cameras & microphones (aggregated, aggregated by segment or individual).
Output format
FilesAll biometrics (individual and aggregated) in CSV format, compatible with third party tools (Matlab, Excel, etc)
Visualization softwareBitbrain biometrics visualization software. Analysis of intervals and areas of interest.
Multimedia materialsRepresentations and videos included for reporting.

What is included


Basic Support is included during the life time of the product.

  • Software updates
  • Email support
  • Technical assistance
  • Knowledge base

Optional Premium support is available.

SennsMetrics (optional)
biosignals and biometrics synchronization software for human behaviour research

SennsMetrics is an extension of the SennsLab software tool which includes the most common study design templates, a wide range of cognitive and emotional biometrics, and a powerful data analysis platform.

Pre-designed studies

Built-in stimuli presentations to speed up the project design by standard and validated experimental protocols.

Wide range of biometrics

Emotional valence, activation and impact, attention, memorisation, engagement, and visual attention.

Powerful visualisation tools

In-depth data analysis with individual and aggregated data with a time resolution of 0.25 sec, with multimedia materials for visualisation.

Flexible and refined analysis tools

Analysis and visualisation tools for further refined analysis of group segmentations, time intervals of interest and visual areas of interest.

Scalability & Integrations

Build your laboratory to fulfil your research needs.

Starting from the Basic module, you can later add more modules to expand your laboratory at your own pace.