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Build your scientific platform to measure consumer's cognitive, emotional and behavioral states, and make decisions based on rigorous and insightful data.
point of sale neuromarketing studies

Neurotechnology for consumer insights

Our neuromarketing labs are optimized to carry out market research studies with ease and simplicity, and under the most rigorous scientific standards.

Supporting the entire workflow of your project, our labs provide validated study design templates and seamlessly synchronizes all the selected sensors (EEG, GSR, ECG, eye tracking, etc.). Our solutions include a powerful software suite for data analysis with a wide range of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral metrics.

The Bitbrain neuromarketing platform help professionals to quantify the consumer's emotion, cognition, and behavioral reactions to define effective strategies based on science.

Scientific solution
Following rigorous scientific standards, with robust hardware, and accurate synchronization and decoding into cognitive, emotional and behavioral metrics.

Practical & easy to use
Easy-to-use labs that are scalable to grow along with your research needs, and at your own pace.

Insightful & Actionable
Our software allows the visualization of a wide range of metrics, seamlessly synchronized - making interpretation simpler, efficient and actionable.

Capture the full extent of the consumer behavior

Monitors the brain activity for the estimation of emotional and cognitive states, decoded into workload, engagement, memorization and valence metrics.
Monitors electrodermal and cardiac activity (GSR/EDA, BVP) for the estimation of emotional impact and emotional activation metrics.
eye tracking
Eye tracking
Eye tracker
Tracks the visual attention generated by visual stimuli, either displayed on a screen (screen-based eye trackers) or in real-world environments (glasses).
indoor gps icon
Indoor Positioning
Indoor Positioning System
Automatically and accurately tracks participant positioning in indoor settings. Use it with other sensors to obtain a combination of location and emotional reaction.
Implicit Response Tests
Captures implicit attitude of consumers when exposed to two targets in comparison. Online IRT allows larger samples in less time and budget.
Test and questionnaire tools included in the software to compare your results with declarative responses.
Cameras & microphones
Cameras and microphones to record participants' spontaneous reactions, behaviour and declarations.
Records behavioral inputs with the most essential tools, such as screen recording or mouse tracking. Third-party synchronization options are supported.
Any kind of stimuli presentations
Analysis platform
  • Real-time visualization
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Wide range of biometrics
  • Individual & aggregated results
  • Excel files, graphs, maps and multimedia visualizations​


Captures the use of cognitive resources to perform a task or visualize a stimulus.
Degree of involvement or connection between the person and the stimulus or experience.
Degree of attraction experienced during the presence of a stimulus or experience. It varies from a “positive / pleasant” to a “negative / unpleasant”.
Degree of intensity of cognitive processes related to the formation of future memories during the presentation of a stimulus.
Emotional impact
The physiological jolt triggered by a specific stimulus.
Emotional activation
Physiological activation produced by an experience in time. It ranges from a state of calm to a state of excitement.
Visual attention
Areas of visual interest. It captures the elements that mainly attract attention and to which people direct their gaze.
Implicit attitudes
Captures the level of comparative association between two concepts and various attributes.
Indoor localization of participants in interiors.

How to use

Example of fieldwork execution
A study conducted with EEG, GSR, BVP, and eye tracker.
  • Experimental design: Flexible experimental design that enables an easy set up of different presentation of tasks, import and definition of multiple stimuli and materials to be evaluated, definition of group segmentations, and third-party integration.
  • Data collection: Simplified data collection with online visual guides to facilitate the set up of the technologies. The software automatically synchronises all the sensors and stimuli to be evaluated. 
  • Data export: Export data to third parties based on Matlab (EEGLAB, BCILAB, etc), Python (MNE, etc.), Tobii Pro Lab, etc.; or use the Biometrics Plugin to obtain emotional and cognitive biometrics for further analysis.
Example of results output
A study conducted with EEG, GSR, BVP, and eye tracker.

The video shows the visualization of the results obtained in an advertising study. In it, an advertising piece was evaluated using EEG, GSR, BVP and eye tracker.

This way, we can obtain information about these metrics: attention / cognitive load, memorization, engagement, valence, and emotional activation and impact.

The insights obtained help to identify which parts of the spot should be highlighted, removed or modified, and thus carry out a complete analysis of whether the piece transmits the desired information, in the desired way.

Most common research studies

Scalability & Integrations

All the labs are scalable, developed to grow together along with your research needs at your own pace.



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