Delivering Digital Neurotherapeutics

Accessible neuro health platform for neurological and mental healthcare and recovery.

Person using the NeuroBand and the software on a tablet.
Person learning to use the software and hardware on a tablet with the help of a specialist.
Digital Therapeutics at home while sleeping.
Person learning to use the software and hardware.
Person using the NeuroBand and the software on a tablet at home.

Brain healthcare anytime and anywhere

Overcoming time, place and person-reach constraints with evidence-based and medical-grade healthcare delivery.

Relying on proprietary and patent-pending medical-grade peripherals and software, with innovative, personalized, and self-management monitoring and recovery procedures.

Elevvo Neuro Health Platform



Delivers evidence-based therapeutic interventions to prevent and treat neurological and mental diseases and disorders.



Transfers clinically validated therapies and medical-grade technology from hospitals to homes increasing early access and scalability.



Extends physicians’ reach by improving access, convenience, and efficiency of health care, while promoting patient adoption and adherence.


Long term patient database

12 years of data collection involving 300+ patients with 2000+ sessions of screening, monitoring and/or treatments (around 1000+ hrs of behavioral and neurophysiological data).

Evidence-based medicine

Evidence grounded with peer-reviewed papers developed under 25+ competitive R&D projects with 250+ partners. With 4 pivotal clinical trials under execution and 4 already planned.

Medical regulatory path

Peripherals, software, platforms, and interventions designed under ISO 13485 and under clinical investigation, for CE Medical and FDA clearance.

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Clinical path

Neuro Health Platform (HW, SW, AI)
Mild Cognitive Impairment
Early Clinical
Pivotal Clinical
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