Multimodal Research

The challenge of studying human behaviour is well-known to researchers, given the complexity of human nature.

Multimodal recording scenarios become more relevant to complete the observation of the actions, reactions and interactions of individuals.

In this journey to a deeper comprehension of human conduct, we count on advanced partner technologies.

Now you can integrate behavioural analysis, eye tracking, and fNIRs with brain activity monitoring. Discover how the combination of Bitbrain technology with Tobii, Noldus or Cortivision can enrich your research projects.

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Our partner, Tobii, is the global leader in eye-tracking and attention computing technology, enabling the understanding of human attention and intent.

Our partner, Cortivision, is a pioneering tech company specializing in fNIRS technology and mobile brain research devices, driving innovation in neuroscience.

Observational research

Observational research

Our partner Noldus develops professional tools for observational research: studying behavioral processes, automating measurements, improving data and more.