Mature software tools for data acquisition, processing and programming, and other software platforms for human behavior research, cognitive training and neurotechnology programming.

Bitbrain software tools for data acquisition and programming, with large compatibility with real-time I/O and data processing third parties.
Synchronisation software for experimental design and data collection with 35+ seamlessly synchronised sensor modalities. Wide range of emotional and cognitive biometrics are also available with the Biometrics Plugin.
Neurotechnology, based on a brain-computer interface, for cognitive rehabilitation, maintenance and enhancement using the most advanced brain sensing technologies and procedures to generate neuroplasticity.


Please, take a minute to tell us which equipment are you interested in and how do you plan to use it, or to tell us how can we help you in your projects of neurotechnology development or research. This will help us to guide you with the solution that better fits your needs and goals.


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