March 15, 2019
Neuromarketing is becoming more and more popular among companies. But, although everyone understands that neuromarketing consists of applying neuroscience to the field of marketing, depending on how it’s applied, we could be talking about theoretical or applied neuromarketing. Do you know the differences between them?
consumer buying in a supermarket while doing a neuromarketing study
February 22, 2019
The quest to win over the consumers has led many brands to want to further know them in all aspects. To this end, brands now resort to specialized neuromarketing companies that carry out implicit research studies, but… what do these companies actually do? only neuromarketing?
Researchers from examples of companies using neuromarketing
February 11, 2019
In an interconnected world where millions of people surf the internet every day, online searches have become one of the most common manners of obtaining information. What are the best sources of neuromarketing news? This post covers this subject.
Person consulting a neuromarketing blog accompanied by another person looking at the newspaper
January 30, 2019
Buy buttons, reptilian brains, brain reading… Science fiction or reality? Manipulation or exaggeration? Is there a limit to the direct influence of brands on consumer behaviour and purchase decisions? Is neuromarketing ethical?
Neuromarketing ethics
January 25, 2019
A neuromarketing study is actually a neuroscience study, and therefore the scientific methodology followed and the technology utilized are crucial to obtain reliable results. There are also other aspects to take into account… do you know which ones?
Science and technology for neuromarketing
January 9, 2019
Neuromarketing is the talk of the town and there are more and more professionals betting on its success. However, neuromarketing is still a very recent field and there are still several questions on what it is, how it is applied, what are the contributions, its limitations, etc. This post will bring answers to the main questions, along with links to other posts that will provide more information.
image that represents what is neuromarketing, definition and its advantages