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Simple and versatile laboratory indicated for introduction in the neuromarketing world. Includes Biosensors, Eye-Tracking device, and implicit association test.

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Mini Lab Laboratory has been designed for professionals and companies that want to start developing neuromarketing studies in an inexpensive manner. The laboratory is constituted by the Ring device, which includes biosensors that monitor the galvanic skin response (GSR) and cardiovascular activity (BVP), and an Eye-Tracker X2-30 from Tobii that tracks eye movements as a consequence of stimuli shown on a screen.

The laboratory includes potent software for:

1) Study design in a rigorous but simple manner due to pre-designed templates for common studies and implicit association tests.

2) Efficient execution of studies due to synchronization of all hardware devices and stimuli to be evaluated.

3) Study results in less than 72 hours due to potent cloud-based analysis that processes activation, emotional impact, and visual attention metrics as well as comparisons of the different levels of implicit association between two concepts and different distinctive assets.


  • High scientific and technological standards

    The Usenns Neuromarketing Platform is supported by more than 10 years of scientific research and four public R&D&I projects in collaboration with cutting edge universities.

  • Versatility and easiness of use

    Designed to introduce you to the neuromarketing world, the Mini Lab laboratory is very easy to use and enables to approach the most common studies and obtain basic but highly valuable metrics.

  • Fast, easy and rigorous design

    The Mini Lab laboratory includes pre-defined templates for the most common studies and implicit association tests, in such a way that in less than five minutes it is possible to design a rigorous study.

  • Easy execution

    With visual guides that inform on the correct placement of the sensors and a totally automated execution process, where technologies and stimuli are synchronized.

  • Cloud decoding

    With Mini Lab laboratory, no knowledge on the treatment of physiological signals is required, as rigorous Cloud-based decoding algorithms provide the activation, emotional impact and visual behavior metrics.

Metrics that can be obtained

With Mini Lab laboratory, the following metrics can be obtained:
Emotional activation

Emotional activation

Physiological activation produced by an experience in time. It can oscillate between a calm state to an excitement state, passing through intermediate levels.

Emotional impact

Emotional impact

Physiological impact produced by a concrete stimulus.

Visual attention

Visual attention

Visual interest zones. Captures the elements that attract the most attention and those that people gaze at.

Implicit association

Implicit association

Captures de level of comparative association between two concepts and different distinctive assets.

The result report includes aggregated representations (comparative bar graphs, audiovisual format results…) as well as Excel tables with aggregated, segmented, and individual data.


Technological leaders in neuromarketing

The European Commission has awarded Bitbrain with the “Seal of Excellence” due to its Usenns Neuromarketing Platform, in recognition to its quality and capacity of changing market research at a global level.

Endorsed by our clients at a global level

Clients and collaborators in more than 20 countries trust our Usenns Neuromarketing Platform to carry out projects autonomously and rigorously.

High competitiveness in R&D

Almost 10 years of specific research in neuromarketing, supported and audited by highly competitive calls such as R&D programs of the European Commission.

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Where do I apply it?

There are multiple types of studies where the results obtained with Mini Lab laboratory can be valuable, especially in:


The main studies in this area are comparative implicit association between two brands and different distinctive assets, and those studies that evaluate new branding elements (logos, claims, distinctive assets, etc.).


The main results in this area are those that evaluate consumer experience, and those studies that evaluate attention and impact of a specific packaging on the rendering of sales display.


The main studies in this area are those searching for improvement margins in spots and studies to improve the design of printed publicity.

What the laboratory includes

The Mini Lab laboratory includes hardware technology to record physiological signals and potent software to design studies from pre-designed templates, execute studies in a simple manner, and obtain reports automatically from the Cloud.

1. Hardware

The hardware devices included in the Mini Lab laboratory are the Ring biosensor device and the Eye-Tacker Tobii X2-30

More information about Ring
More information about Screen-based Eye-Tracker

2. Basic Software

The Mini Lab laboratory software enables study design, execution and data analysis.

More information about Basic module

3. Study templates

The Mini Lab laboratory includes standard design templates as well as templates for in-person implicit association tests.

More information about In-Lab implicit association module

4. Reports

The reports are automatically created in the Cloud and provide emotional information (activation and emotional impact), visual behavior information (visual attention) and information on implicit association.

How is it used?

The Mini Lab laboratory is very simple to use due to its ergonomic and minimalistic devices, pre-designed study templates, and automated physiological signal analysis.

Study design

Design a rigorous study in a fast and simple manner, utilizing one of the pre-designed templates. Simply include basic data on the study, upload the materials to be evaluated, select the technologies you wish to use, and define the segments you want to study. In five minutes you can design any study without the necessity of worrying about familiarization, calibration, rest periods… this is all taken care of by the software.


Study execution

Execute your studies in a simple manner, with all guarantees. For execution, the field technician simply launches a previously designed study, places the technology with the help of convenient visual guides to confirm the devices are well-positioned, and supervises the execution.


Results report

Once field work has ended for all participants, with one click all data are compiled for analysis in the Cloud. In less than 72 hours the result report is available, thanks to the Usenns automatic algorithms for cloud-based neuro/bio-physiological signal treatment, based on computational models for individualized analysis.


Analysis of results

Conclusions can be drawn from the report received. This is an especially important step, where your experience and market knowledge are crucial for making recommendations from the data obtained with your laboratory and other sources.

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