Wearable and wireless device for real-time monitoring of electrodermal activity (GSR) and cardiac activity (BVP) for real-world applications and real-life research scenarios.

Portable biosignal device for GSR and BVP monitoring

Ring is a mobile and reliable biosignal device for the monitoring of electrodermal (EDA / GSR) and cardiovascular activity (BVP). It has been designed for real-world research scenarios that require great comfort for the user as well as an agile set up and outstanding signal quality for the researcher. The device has an ultralight and comfortable design with two key biosensors for a basic estimation of emotions (GSR-electrodermal activity and BVP-cardiac activity) and a three-axis solidary accelerometer (ACC) for an estimation of the noise that can be generated due to the movement of the hand. Its stable mechanical design provides outstanding robustness and signal quality, even with movement or during long recording periods. 

Owing to its exceptional usability, reliability and the possibility of self-positioning by the end-user, an infinite range of possibilities to use it both in and outside of the laboratory with ecology are available. 

Ring comes with the Bitbrain Software Kit for data acquisition and programming, which has a large compatibility with real-time I/O and third-party data processing (LSL, Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, etc). Also, by acquiring the Human Behaviour Research Lab, it can be performed a seamless synchronisation with other human monitoring technologies such as EEG, eye-trackers, indoor positioning system, among many others. 

Main features

Mobile and wireless
10+ hours of continuous monitoring in streaming via Bluetooth and in SD storage.
Outstanding usability
Quick and easy set up by non-technical experts or the final user in less than 10 seconds.
Optimised electrode placement
Sensors located on the fingers’ first and second phalanges (optimal measurement points) to measure GSR and BVP.
Reliable GSR and BVP monitoring
The technology mitigates artefacts produced by the finger movements thanks to the three-axis solidary accelerometer.
Practical technology
Easy to transport and store without maintenance or expenses on consumables.
High software compatibility
Intuitive software suite for users or SDK for programmers, and great compatibility with Matlab, Python, etc.

Main Components

Components Ring
Biosignal device

Wireless, mobile, compact and ultralight (60gr). It is adaptable and adjustable which ensures comfort. Final user can set it up in less than 10 seconds. No maintenance and easy to transport.  



Integrated sensors to reliably monitor skin conductance (electrodermal activity - EDA / galvanic skin response - GSR) and cardiovascular (blood volume pressure - BVP) activity. The sensors are located on the fingers’ first and second phalanges (optimal measurement points). This biosignal device also mitigates artefacts produced by finger movements thanks to the three-axis solidary accelerometer (ACC).


How to use

Self-placement tutorial
Learn how to make the set up of the Ring device (GSR & BVP).
How to use it

Quick installation by the end user in less than 10 seconds, allowing a fast, simple and reliable physiological data collection. It comes with an intuitive software to collect data with the help of visual guides, thus ensuring quality assembly and monitoring.


  1. Preparation: Unfasten the band at the back of the device. Place the index and middle fingers on the device, ensuring that the fingers completely cover the sensors. Fasten the band. The device must be comfortably fastened to the user’s fingers.
  2. Set up: Check the colour of the sensors. It indicates the quality of the signal. Once all the sensors are green, we are ready to proceed with the test. 
  3. Test: Move the hand and check that the signal is not affected. Walk around and check that the signal is not affected. 
  4. Recording: Now you are ready to record. Export your data afterwards.
  5. Clean and storage: Clean the sensors with wet wipes and store Ring in its own case. 


Technical specifications


Biosignal channels1 x EDA (µS), 1 x BVP (bpm), 1 x ACC (3-axis)
Wireless amplifier
Sampling rate32 SPS (samples per second)
Resolution16 bits
BandwidthDC – 16Hz (2º order LPF)
Integrated sensorsIntegrated Accelerometer (3 axis)
Input range and noise0.1 - 100 µS, (GSR) 0 - 250 bpm (BVP) ± 4G (Accelerometer)
Data backupYes (removable µSD card. Max 8GB, class ≥10 )
IndicatorsOn/off/connection state LED battery sate LED micro SD card state LED
Data streaming and store
Data transmission and rangeBluetooth 2.1 + EDR with 10 meters in direct sight.
Data filesCSV
BatteryRechargeable lipo battery. Charging time <3.5h
Autonomy> 10 h
Cleaning and maintenanceWipes moistened in tap water.
Warranty2 years
CertificationsCE and CB, with EN 60950, EN 55032, EN 55024


Bitbrain Software Kit (included with equipment)
Bitbrain real-time SDK In C/C++ for Windows and Linux
Bitbrain data acquisition and visualization suiteLive visualization, streaming or SD recording, data export in CSV and raw data visualization
Third parties real-time I/OLabStreamingLayer LSL compatibility (Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, NeuroPype, etc).
Third parties data processingMatlab (EEGLAB, FieldTrip, BCILAB, etc), Python (MNE, etc) and more
Bitbrain software platforms (optional)
Bitbrain Human Behaviour Research LabPractical research platform for experiment design and data acquisition with 30+ sensor modalities seamlessly synchronized, and analysis with a wide range of emotional and cognitive biometrics available.
Bitbrain Programming PlatformMultimodal real-time neuroscience or brain-computer interface development.

What is included


The devices are easily stored and transported within a suitcase. Technology is easily cleaned with wipes moistened with water. 

  • Wearable device
  • Charger USB-microUSB
  • Instructions
  • Packaging box
  • Bitbrain Software Kit



Basic Support is included during the lifetime of the product.

  • Email support
  • Technical assistance 
  • Knowledge base

Optional Premium support is available.


Bitbrain Software Kit
software for gsr and ecg monitoring and raw data visualization in real time

Software for data acquisition and programming, with large compatibility and with real-time I/O and third-party data processing.


Simplified data acquisition and setup
Collect data with the help of visual cues to assure montage and quality monitoring.
Flexible programming
Easy to use development with versatile SDK to address a wide variety of applications.
Powerful real-time applications
Using real-time LSL third-party platforms such as BCI2000 or OpenVibe among others.
In-depth data analysis
Compatible with advanced platforms such as Matlab, EEGLab or MNE among others.


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