Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Eye-tracking glasses

Wearable eye-tracking glasses (Tobii Pro Glasses 3) technology to capture and analyse natural visual behavior in real-world scenarios while ensuring outstanding robustness and accuracy.

Wearable eye tracking device

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 is a wearable and ultralight eye-tracking technology to capture and analyse natural visual behaviour in real-world environments. Developed to obtain an objective data of human visual gaze, by showing exactly what a person is watching while moving freely in any real-world environment. Its great portability, maximum comfort and minimal intrusion, open an infinite range of possibilities to use it both in the laboratory and in out-of-the-lab scenarios.

Developed with slippage compensation and an innovative 3D eye model to grant stability and minimize gaze data loss. It comes with an intuitive and powerful software platform for easy calibration, recording and real-time visualisation. Combine this technology with other devices such as EEG or other biometrics, to obtain deeper insights into human behavior.

Bitbrain sells Tobii Pro eye tracking systems in conjunction with our own compatible neurotechnology systems.

Main features

Wearable and ultralight

Non-intrusive device for real environments for real-world research.

High data quality

Developed with slippage compensation and an innovative 3D eye model to grant stability and minimise gaze data loss.

Outstanding usability

Quick and easy set up by non-technical experts or the final user and intuitive calibration and recording methods to help you with field work.

Data streaming and recording

Real-time streaming of the participant’s gaze via Bluetooth and on-board SD card recording.

Sync with other biometrics

Seamless integration with 30+ complementary technologies such as EEG, GSR, EMG, eye tracking devices and others.

Third-party compatibility

Compatible with Matlab, Python, and our SennsLab software.

Participant wearing Tobii Glasses 3, Bitbrain Diadem, and Bitbrain in a point sale study

Main Components


Wearable and ultralight for the user to ensure natural visual behavior in a real-world environment. Outstanding reliability due to the slippage compensation and 3D eye model that ensures stability and data capture.

Recording unit

Pocket-sized recording unit that records (SD) and streams data via Wifi or ethernet.

How to use

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Wearable Eye Tracking for Human Behavior Research.

To record eye-tracking data, the glasses head unit must be fitted onto the test participant’s head (similar to a standard pair of glasses). After a quick and easy 1-point calibration, the researcher starts the recording from the software which is an intuitive, powerful platform to collect synchronised data in real time. Use Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with other biometric technologies for a perfect sync recording and to obtain a full vision of the participants behaviour.

1. Preparation: Connect the HDMI cable from the Glasses to the processing unit and insert the batteries and the SD card in the recording unit. After that, press the power button until the lights turn on.

2. Set up: Place the calibration target approximately 1 metre from the participant and press the calibrate button.

3. Test: Move the target side to side and ask the participant to follow it while you look at the live feed to ensure the calibration is correct.

4. Recording: Now you are ready to record your eye tracking data and export it afterwards.

5. Clean and storage: Clean the glasses with the chamois and store them in their own case.




What is included


The devices are easily stored and transported within a briefcase.

  • Eye tracking & recording unit
  • Caring case for Tobii Pro Glasses 3
  • Nose Pads in different sizes
  • 3 Rechargeable batteries
  • 3 Calibration cards
  • 3 SD memory cards + sleeves + SD/USB adapter
  • Ethernet cable (3 metres)
  • USB data stick with documentation and software
  • SD Card Reader
  • Tobii Pro Software Kit

Basic Support is included during the life time of the product.

  • Email support
  • Technical assistance
  • Knowledge base

Optional Premium support is available.