Tobii Pro screen based eye tracking devices

Screen-based eye tracking

Screen-based Tobii Pro eye tracking systems (Nano, Fusion and Spectrum) are designed to analyze the visual response to stimuli displayed on a screen.

Tobii Pro screen-based eye tracking

Powerful screen-based eye tracking systems that capture and analyze gaze data in response to screen-based stimuli. This family includes Tobii Pro Nano, Tobii Pro Fusion, and Tobii Pro Spectrum devices, which features sample rates of 60 to 1200 Hz. These devices have been developed to obtain objective data of human visual behavior evoked by the stimuli displayed on the screen, ensuring outstanding robustness and accuracy.

Tobii Pro is a world leader in advanced eye tracking technology. Combine this with Bitbrain devices, including EEG and biometrics, to obtain deeper insights into human behavior.

Bitbrain sells Tobii Pro eye tracking systems in conjunction with our own compatible neurotechnology systems.

Main features

Portable devices

Providing exceptional flexibility and covering a wide array of human behaviour research applications.

Freedom of movement

Large tracking box allows for free head movement without data loss.

Easy to use

Quick and intuitive setup, calibration, and recording methods to help you with field work.

Multiple sampling rate options

Adapts to your research needs. Tobii Pro screen-based eye tracking technologies range from 60Hz up to 1200Hz.

Sync with other biometrics

Seamless integration with 30+ complementary technologies such as EEG, GSR, EMG and others.

Third-party compatibility

Compatible with ePrime or Tobii Pro Lab for synchronized stimulus presentation.

Participant wearing Tobii Glasses 3 and Bitbrain Diadem in a point sale study

Main Components

Portable screen-based equipment

The Nano is a portable and light eye tracking system designed for easy mobility and high-quality data.

In Lab eye tracking

The Spectrum is a top of the line eye tracking system for temporal and spatial precision and accuracy.

Technical specifications


Eye Tracking SpecificationsNanoFusionSpectrum
Gaze sampling frequency60Hz120 or 250 Hz300, 600 or 1200 Hz
Precision (RMS at optimal conditions)0.10º0.04º0.01º
Freedom of head movement width X height at 65cm distance35 X 30cm40 X 25cm34 X 26cm
System latency3 frames (<12 ms at 250 Hz)< 11msLess than 3 frames (eg. < 2.5 ms at 1200 Hz)
Gaze recovery timeFor Blinks immediate After lost tracking <100ms1 frame (immediate)
Recommended screen sizeUp to 24”24”24”
Tracking techniqueCorneal reflection, dark and bright pupil combinationBinocular, automatic altering in a sequential illumination mode (BP/DP/DP)Binocular bright and dark pupil with two cameras that record stereo images
Eye tracking unitNanoFusionSpectrum


Tobii Pro software kit (included with equipment)
Tobii Pro real-time SDKIn C/C++ for Windows and Linux
Third parties data processingMatlab and Python
Bitbrain software platforms (optional)
Bitbrain Human Behaviour Research LabPractical research platform for experiment design and data acquisition with 30+ sensor modalities seamlessly synchronized, and analysis with a wide range of emotional and cognitive biometrics available
Bitbrain Programming PlatformMultimodal real-time neuroscience or brain-computer interface development

What is included


The devices are easily stored and transported within a small carrying case.

  • Eye Tracking Unit + Mounting Hardware
  • Carrying case
  • USB with software and user manual
  • Tobii Pro Manager

Basic Support is included during the life time of the product.

  • Email support
  • Technical assistance
  • Knowledge base

Optional Premium support is also available.

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