Modular and reusable EEG systems

(ORDEN EPE/1598/2021), expediente EC-33-2021

Gobierno De Aragón

Assist the program in carrying out business projects in Aragon that involve experimental development and/or industrial research in the circular economy (ORDEN EPE/1598/2021), file EC-33-2021.

The aim of this project is to develop the technology necessary for the next generation of Bitbrain equipment: highly disruptive devices in the sector based on a circular economy model, thanks to a modular capacity to measure electrical brain activity that allows the reconfiguration of the devices to be (re)used in different environments, as well as a predictive capacity to predict anticipate equipment failures and extend its useful life. In addition, research will be carried out on the use of textile materials for the sensors and signal transport of this equipment, allowing the substitution of a large number of components, which simplifies the production process, reduces manufacturing costs and is more environmentally friendly.

This project is co-funded by the Department of Economy, Planning, and Employment of the Government of Aragon.

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