Our areas


Innovative and practical EEG, biosignals, indoor-GPS and other complementary monitoring technologies to approach real world research.

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Human Behaviour Research

Labs for experimental design and data collection with 30+ sensor modalities seamless synchronized, and data analysis including a wide range of emotional and cognitive biometrics.

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Neuromarketing and UX

Complete research labs adapted for consumer behaviour and UX research, which provides a wide range or behavioural, emotional and cognitive biometrics.

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Cognitive Training

Elevvo is an effective technology for cognitive rehabilitation, maintenance and enhancement using the most advanced brain sensing technologies and procedures to generate neuroplasticity.

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Neurotech programming

Development software tools to boost neurotech applications, starting from a wide variety of hardware and software plugins for acquisition, processing and interaction.

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R&D services

Neuroscience and brain technology services provided by a multidisciplinary team with wide experience in neuroscience, engineering and data science.

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Neurotecnologia Propietaria

Proprietary neurotechnology

Bitbrain designs all of its equipment, software, data analysis and neurotechnology solutions, adapting to the specific needs of each application.

Global neurotechnology

Bitbrain contributes to the global development of neurotechnology and applied neuroscience, through its collaborations with companies, research institutes and universities in more than 35 countries.



More than 20 years of R&D

Two decades of experience in the field of neurotechnology and a pioneer team in neuroscientific research.

More than 25 projects with 250 partners

Research projects with the main global R&D public institutions and private agents.

More than 60 products on the market

More than 60 products and services adapted to multiple markets to bring neurotechnology closer to the real world.

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More than 25 international awards

In the last five years, Bitbrain has received more than 25 international awards related to innovation and entrepreneurial development.

Reference in innovation

Participation as lecturers in more than 50 annual conferences, being internationally recognized as reference in neurotechnology and innovation.

High media impact

Communication media around the world, such as NewScience, Wired, The Economist, CNN, or the BBC circulate the pioneer advances in neurotechnology by the Bitbrain team.

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