Bitbrain Neuroheadband

Garments that monitor EEG

Medical-grade brain monitoring anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

The first wearable EEG based on smart textiles for digital health and real-world neuroscience research.

Wearable, accurate, and medical-grade

Large accessibility

Large accessibility

The usability of a garment with complete end-user self-management starting at 6 years old. Designed to break barriers and bring neurotechnology to real-life scenarios.



High-quality EEG implemented with top academic institutions under H2020 and Horizon Europe R&D projects. Validated with 350+ participants and 1,600+ hours of EEG data to date.

Medical regulation

Medical regulation

Low-density EEG designed under ISO 13485 to comply with FDA and EU regulations on medical devices (full clearance coming soon).

Neuroheadband features

Device type

Low-density electroencephalogram (EEG), oxygen saturation and blood volume pressure (SPO2/BVP), and inertial motion unit (IMU).

EEG sensors

Dry-EEG (textile-EEG) with 5 sensors, REF and GND with active shielding.


8+ hours of ambulatory use with internal recording (Holter) or continuous BLE data streaming to mobile devices.


Self-management at-home use starting at 6 years old.


Comfortable, biocompatible, anti-sweat, anti-bacterial, and washable.


Fully customizable for different health & research applications in sizing, design layout, and aesthetics.

Positioning the Neuroheadband

Off-the-shelf software applications

Programming tools

LSL and SDK with large compatibility, real-time I/O, and third-party data acquisition and processing software platforms.

    Data collection platform

    End-user-oriented mobile application for self-managed EEG data collection, transportation, and cloud storage.

      Cognitive training App

      End-user-oriented mobile application for personalized cognitive enhancement and peak performance. Developed with academic partners with 10+ research trials and 200+ participants.

      Digital Health and Clinical Research

      Telemedicine: end-to-end low-density EEG brain screening and monitoring anywhere and anytime.

      Digital therapeutics: new prevention, management, or treatment tools for early access to healthcare in neurological and mental diseases.

      Clinical trials: evaluate inclusion/exclusion criteria, track natural history, safety, brain function assessments, and biomarker development.

      Digital Health

      Applied neuroscience research

      Neuroheadband for Education
      Understand real-world learning mechanisms and improve the performance of people of all ages.
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      Neuroheadband for Vehicle technology
      Vehicle technology
      Enable real-life research and applications to reduce fatigue and distracted driving, enhance your driver’s experience and safety, and evaluate driving perceptual characteristics.
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      Neuroheadband for eSports & Gaming
      eSports and gaming
      Train and boost your team’s capabilities to obtain the best competitive performance. Develop serious games and interactive platforms.
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      Neuroheadband for Corporate wellness
      Corporate wellness
      Improve your workplace wellness by increasing productivity and engagement and create non-financial motivations to attract and retain your employees.
      More information
      More information
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