Neuromarketing for consumer insights

Neurotechnology for Brand Insights

Our Usenns neuromarketing laboratory and our global strategic consultancy will help you obtain brand insights from the analysis of unconscious reactions of the consumers.


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Key features

  • Rigorousness and simplification

    Laboratories that fulfill rigorous scientific standards, but with simplified research and interpretation procedures for easy and fast startup.

  • Versatile and scalable technology

    Modular laboratories that adapt to your necessities and grow with you. You can expand your laboratory at any moment with more equipment and modules.

  • Support and monitoring by experts

    Wide variety of services such as neuromarketing training, support to the design and execution of projects, and monitoring of commercial development.

Servicio destacado


Strategic consultancy

Consultancy service that combines deep knowledge in neuroscience and strategic business vision to optimize decision making from emotions, motivations and drivers that underlie consumer behavior.

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Technological leaders in neuromarketing

The European Commission has awarded Bitbrain with the “Seal of Excellence” due to its Usenns Neuromarketing Platform, in recognition to its quality and capacity of changing market research at a global level.

Endorsed by our clients at a global level

Clients and collaborators in more than 20 countries trust our Usenns Neuromarketing Platform to carry out projects autonomously and rigorously.

High competitiveness in R&D

Almost 10 years of specific research in neuromarketing, supported and audited by highly competitive calls such as R&D programs of the European Commission.

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App design

Study carried out for Ibercaja to select the graphic line of its new app for better fit with its clients.

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Selection of insights

Study carried out for Hero Global with the objective of selecting the best insights as starting points for the development of a new product.

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Evaluation of creative experiences

Study that compared the emotional impact of dishes created by Ferran Adrià with respect to the songs interpreted by tenor Juan Diego Flórez.



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