Neuromarketing examples

Neuromarketing examples

Study cases

Bitbrain Neuromarketing Platform is utilized to carry out hundreds of studies in all fields. Commercial and academic studies on branding, publicity, product or packaging, sale point, digital surrounding or entertainment are the most common.

All Branding (6)Product / Packaging (8)Publicity (7)Sale point (5)Digital surroundings (7)Entertainment (6)Academics (8)PR Actions (4)Others (1)
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Selection of logotype

Study on the evaluation of the emotional positioning of different versions of logotypes, selecting the one that generated emotions in agreement with the application scenario.

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Evaluation of distinctive assets

Study carried out for the Ontex Group multinational on the evaluation of the effect of a “Distinctive Asset” of its Moltex brand of diapers.

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Brand features

Study carried out for Ibercaja with the objective of comparing its brand attributes with the competition.

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CCL Alimentaria

Impact of the designation of origin on consumer experience

Study carried out by CCL Alimentaria with the objective of evaluating the impact of the apellation of origin on the wine tasting experience.

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Change of corporative image

Study carried out for La Zaragozana with the objective of evaluating the impact of the change in the corporative image of its Ambar brand in all its applications.

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Plátano de Canarias

Brand impact

Study carried out on the evaluation of the Plátano de Canarias tag and its influence on the consumption experience.