The first wearable EEG based on smart textiles with 5 sensors over frontal brain area, that allows brain monitoring for real world neuroscience research, anytime, anywhere by anyone.

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Neuroheadband EEG Family: Wearable textile garment EEG

The new Neuroheadband device composed of fabric sensors is a wearable device for brain monitoring and cognitive stimulation, providing great comfort to the user. It is very easy to set-up for different scenarios. It has a measurement range of 24bits to 256 Hz and a battery life of up to 9 hours. Bluetooth streaming connection.

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I want to use Ikon for

Real-world research

Carry out human behaviour research in real-world scenarios and configurations with accuracy and reliability.

Real-life applications

Develop new brain-tech products or services with the most accessible EEG hardware.

Brain-computer interfaces

Advance the frontier of interaction with reliable brain-tech usable by everybody, anywhere at anytime.

Main features

Wearable and comfortable

Wearable and ultralight (70 g) EEG headset. Quick and easy set-up in many different scenarios.

Textile sensors

The first EEG device on the market to use fully textile sensors. No saline substances or water are required.

Flexible and adaptable

Immediate user set-up. Made entirely of textiles, it allows the user to wear it as a regular clothing accessory without feeling it as a foreign object.

Large accessibility

The usability of a garment with complete end-user self-management starting at 6 years old. Designed to break barriers and bring neurotechnology to real-life scenarios.

Device type

Low-density electroencephalogram (EEG), oxygen saturation and blood volume pressure (BVP), and inertial motion unit (IMU).

Washable technology

Washable technology that is easy to clean, transport and store without maintenance.

Man wearing Bitbrain's Ikon headband while performing a task

Applied neuroscience research

Neuroheadband for Education
Understand real-world learning mechanisms and improve the performance of people of all ages.
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Neuroheadband for Vehicle technology
Vehicle technology
Enable real-life research and applications to reduce fatigue and distracted driving, enhance your driver’s experience and safety, and evaluate driving perceptual characteristics.
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Neuroheadband for eSports & Gaming
eSports and gaming
Train and boost your team’s capabilities to obtain the best competitive performance. Develop serious games and interactive platforms.
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Neuroheadband for Corporate wellness
Corporate wellness
Improve your workplace wellness by increasing productivity and engagement and create non-financial motivations to attract and retain your employees.
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Main components

Textile EEG headset

Wearable and ultralight (70 g) EEG headset. Quick and easy set-up in many different scenarios. 7 textile electrodes (5 channels + REF + GND), with active shielding and optimized DRL to improve SNR and reduce artifacts.

EEG Amplifier

Reliable textile-EEG monitoring with amplifier that records of 24 bits at 256 Hz for 9+ hours continuous recording. With on-board SD storage recording with Bluetooth streaming and/or on-board SD storage.

How to use

Ikon setup tutorial, adults

Learn how to set up the Ikon EEG in just a few minutes.

Ikon setup tutorial, kids

Technical specifications


Sensors and headset
EEG channelsFp1, Fp2, Af7, Af8, A1, A2. Ground in Fpz.
Amplifer REF is in FP1; A1 and A2 used for linked ear re-referencing.
Type of sensors / electronicsEEG dry sensors with active shielding and optimized DRL
Head perimeter52-72 cm
Wireless Amplifier
Sampling rate/resolution256 SPS at 24 bits
BandwidthDC - 40Hz
Online/real-time impedance checkyes
Integrated sensorsIntegrated IMU (9 axis): accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer
Input range and noise±100 mV, < 1 μVRMS (0.5 - 30 Hz) @ 256Hz
CMRR/Input impedance> 100 dB @ 50Hx, >50 GΩ
Data streaming and store
Data transmission and rangeLow energy Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR with 10 meters in direct sight
Data backup/filesDirect transfer to tablet/phone + data backup on internal SD card/CSV (max 8GB. Class≥10)
BatteryRechargable lipo battery. Charging time <3h
WeightAmplifier: 60g, Headset: 70g
MaintenanceWashable in washing machine / Storable like any garment.
Warranty2 years
CertificationsCE (Directive 2014/53) and FCC (part 15)


Bitbrain software kit (included with equipment)
Bitbrain real-time SDKIn C/C++ for Windows and Linux
Bitbrain data acquisition and visualization suiteLive visualization, streaming or SD recording, data export in CVS and raw data visualization
Third parties real-time I/OAll compatible with LabStreamingLayer LSL (BCI2000, OpenVibe, NeuroPype, etc)
Third parties data processingMatlab (EEGLAB, FieldTrip, BCILAB, etc), Python (MNE, etc) and more
Bitbrain software platforms (optional)
Bitbrain Viewer SoftwareSoftware for data visualization and recording, with large compatibility with real-time I/O and data processing third parties.
Bitbrain Software Development KitSoftware kit consisting of different scripts that allow communication and control of the hardware used. It is a starting point for the development of brain-computer interface applications.

What is included

Bundle includes

Ikon is easy to clean due to its washable technology. The device is easy to transport and store without maintenance.

  • EEG headset and amplifier
  • Power supply
  • Storage base
  • Instructions
  • Pack of wet wipes
  • Bitbrain Software Kit

Basic Support is included during the lifetime of the product.

  • Email support
  • Technical assistance
  • Knowledge base