Neurotechnology for cognitive enhancement

Elevvo is an effective technology for cognitive rehabilitation, maintenance and enhancement using the most advanced brain sensing technologies and procedures to generate neuroplasticity.

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Key features

  • High scientific standards

    Neurotechnology endorsed by more than 10 international scientific publications in collaboration with hospitals, medical centers and prestigious academic institutions.

  • Significant results

    Improvements between 10% and 30% of working memory, sustained attention and processing speed in the investigated populations.

  • Simplified equipment and interventions

    Portable equipment with individualized programs easily applied by health and wellness professionals, and with all the professional support of Bitbrain.

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Custom adaptation of Elevvo

Integral adaptation of the Elevvo technology and its interventions for accommodation to your research necessities, application, or type of target population.

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Scientific endorsement

More than 10 years of R&D

During more than 10 years, prestigious researchers from international research organisms have collaborated in the development of Elevvo.

More than 10 international publications

Elevvo is the result of more than 10 international scientific publications in neuroscience, psychology and biomedical engineering fields.

Endorsed by more than 500 users

More than 500 users have achieved a 20% improvement in working memory, sustained attention and processing speed.

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Some applications

Cognitive deterioration

Cognitive decline


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