cognitive Enhancement Lab

Cognitive Enhancement Lab

Brain-computer interface for cognitive maintenance and enhancement using the most advanced brain sensing technologies and procedures to generate neuroplasticity.

Neurotechnology for cognitive enhancement

Elevvo is a brain-computer interface for cognitive enhancement using the most advanced brain sensing technologies and procedures to enhance working memory, processing speed and sustained attention.

This technology is designed to generate, through learning mechanisms, neuroplastic changes in brain activity that mediates with cognitive capacities. The patented procedure, which is unique to Elevvo, is capable of individualizing all interventions, adapting each session to the physiology, state, and evolution of brain activity of each user. The result of using Elevvo is neuroplastic changes, which are measurable during each session and are the neurobiological support of cognitive improvement.

Use Elevvo for

Real-life applications

Healthy ageing

To slow down the normal cognitive deterioration associated with healthy ageing.

Brain training

Brain training

For the general population who wish to maintain cognitive functions at a high level.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Oriented for professionals that require high cognitive performance such as athletes, army or special corps.


  1. Hardware
  2. Software and programs
  3. Solutions
  4. Reports
Diadem and Versatile EEG

Wearable dry-EEG headset with 12 dry-EEG sensors over pre-frontal, frontal, parietal and occipital brain areas for real world applications with outstanding ease, comfort and reliability.

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Versatile EEG

Wearable and wireless semi-dry EEG cap with 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 ch in standardized 10/10 and 10/20 positions, this semi-dry EEG system (water-based) can perform 6+ hours of continuous monitoring even under the most demanding recording circumstances

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Elevvo software
Software and programs

Elevvo software enables the management of users, execution of interventions and follow-up programs, and the processing of results reports.

The programs include neurophysiological and neurocognitive evaluations, that are performed before and after every program, and the automated Training Sessions for different types of population and needs. Every intervention program includes between 5 and 10 Training Sessions that last 30 minutes each, with a frequency between 2 and 3 sessions per week.


Neurotechnology for cognitive enhancement oriented to the general population such as children, teenagers, general population and the elderly who wish to maintain cognitive competences at a good level to increase wellness and personal development.

Peak Performance

Neurotechnology for cognitive enhancement directed to professionals that work with individuals with high cognitive performance demands such as executives, athletes, special corps, etc., with the objective of increasing cognitive competences to a maximum level that meet work-related demands.


Elevvo reports are created automatically and enable the objective evaluation of the results obtained in the Intervention, both at neurocognitive (tests evaluate cognitive functions such as working memory, processing speed, sustained attention, and changes of attention) and neurophysiological levels (measure the tonic and phasic brain activity, such as spontaneous and evoked potentials, and time-frequency maps).

After 3-6 months, a Follow-up Program takes place, including neurocognitive and neurophysiological evaluation. This way, the technology generates a comparative report with the most recent Programs executed, and additionally includes a recommendation: new evaluation after 3-6 months or repetition of the Program.

Main features

Individualisation of interventions

Based on advanced neurotechnology that adapts individually to the physiology, state, and evolution of brain activity of each user throughout training sessions.

Integral programs

Neurophysiological and pre/post cognitive evaluations, and a result report generator.

Technical-scientific rigorousness

Endorsed by more than 10 scientific publications in collaboration with hospitals, medical centers and prestigious academic institutions.

Simplicity and comfort

Portable equipment with individualized programs easily applied by health and wellness professionals, and with all the professional support of Bitbrain.

Significant results

Improvements between 10% and 30% of working memory, sustained attention and processing speed in the investigated populations.

How to use

Hardware tutorial: Diadem

Easy set up in less than two minutes also by non-technical personnel.

Hardware tutorial: Versatile EEG

Easy set up in less than two minutes also by non-technical personnel.

Intervention Programme (Evaluation Sessions)
Carried out at the beginning and end of each Intervention Program. Cognitive tests and neurophysiological recordings are executed to analyse the evolution.
Intervention Programme (Cognitive Improvement Sessions)
Between 5 and 10 Training Sessions that last 30 minutes each, with a frequency of between 2 and 3 sessions per week. The sessions are made up of four steps:
  1. 1. The EEG setup where the software assists the professional during the placement of the equipment
  2. 2. The calibration where the brain activity is recorded and used to individualise the intervention to the participant
  3. 3. The execution of the training where the difficulty level is set during the calibration step
  4. 4. The report summary of the results of the session
Intervention Programme (Final Report)
At the end of the Programme, Elevvo creates a Report with the results of the cognitive tests and neurophysiological recordings (pre- and post- Program), as well as with the evolution of the brain patterns during the sessions.
Follow-up Programme (evaluation and report)
After 3-6 months, a Follow-up Programme takes place, including neurocognitive and neurophysiological evaluation, with the sub-consequent recommendations.

How it works

Elevvo implements an innovative individualised neurofeedback model, which adapts to the state, physiology and evolution of each user's brain activity throughout interventions in a patented process.

The implementation of this model induces neuroplastic changes in the desynchronisation of alpha rhythms in the parieto-occipital area. Cognitive improvement is the result of neuroplastic changes in tonic and phasic brain activity and is reflected in an increase in functions such as working memory, processing speed, sustained attention, and changes in attention in multitasking or switching.

The scientific-technological advancement of Elevvo relies on implementing a cognitive brain-machine interface that allows a neurofeedback adapted for cognitive enhancement and completely individualised to each person. For this, two innovative EEG systems with individualised data processing have been developed.




What is included


Depending on your needs different equipment can be chosen:

  • Diadem
  • Versatile EEG
  • Basic software
  • EEG module (depending on the hardware)
  • Programmes

Basic Support is included during the life time of the product.

  • Software updates
  • Email support
  • Technical assistance
  • Knowledge base

Optional Premium support is also available.

Scalability & Integrations

Configure Elevvo in accordance with your needs. Starting from a Basic technology module, you can include cognitive intervention or brain mapping QEEG modules as you wish. In this way, you can manage all interventions in a single software tool and extend them in the future.