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Product placement in videogames
Product placement is an increasingly prevalent marketing communication technique in video games. It allows a direct connection between the brand and the consumer in a non-intrusive way, taking advantage of the enjoyment of the game experience. In this post, we will offer a first approach on what product placement is, how we can detect it in videogames and some initial results on its functioning at the cerebral and psychophysiological level derived from a research we conducted.
May 4, 2022
man and woman in iat
We are all somewhat biased due to our past experiences and the upbringing and education we have been given. It remains more or less unconscious in our minds, defining our beliefs, influencing our attitudes, and shaping our behavior. It is the reason why we associate the color black with elegance and red with passion. However, it is also the reason why technology is still more associated with boys than girls, or why, in part, we still suffer from racism.
May 29, 2020
indoor gps system in a store
Geolocalization is key to multiple applications and services. Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) are key to extend these services indoors where GPS systems are not reliable. IPS are integrated and can be deployed in homes and buildings, and can interact with smart devices to provide them with spatial context. In this post we will explain how IPS work, what types of IPS technology exist, its features and its main applications to track people, from hospitals to market research.
May 27, 2020
eye that is being recorded by an eye trracking technology
Eye tracking has become an invaluable tool for understanding attention, visual behavior and human behavior in a number of diverse fields, from psychology, neurophysiology, user experience, market research/neuromarketing, etc. The technology can also be used for medical analysis and screening, and it provides a new method of interaction. Historically, eye tracking systems were invasive and immobile, and therefore useful only in very limited experiments. While there are still some limitations
May 5, 2020
a participant performing an implicit bias test
Implicit measures became very popular years ago by the academics, and many researchers employed them to analyze biases in racial groups, gender, sexuality, age, and religion, as well as to assess self-esteem in clinical psychology. Today, other applications in market research have emerged to gather information on implicit preferences of products, brands, politicians, and celebrities, and to reveal which attributes are more inherently associated with these concepts.
April 10, 2020
glasses of a person who sees reality in a distorted way because of cognitive biases
We believe that reality is exactly what we perceive but really, this is just an illusion of our own brain. This happens because our brain takes shortcuts to interpret information and adapt to our surroundings: heuristics on which the brain relies to understand the reality perceived, but… can we always trust our brain when it utilizes these resources?
May 2, 2019
Person who has a neuromarketing study with neuromarketing techniques such as eeg, eye tracking, gsr and ecg in a supermarket
Neuromarketing is a new discipline that complements marketing research and makes use of scientific laboratories and techniques such as brain imaging (with EEG), implicit response tests, eye-tracking and facial coding, to name a few. Do you know all the existing techniques, their advantages, and limitations?
April 8, 2019
woman with emotions, feelings of happiness, sadness, anger
Most people believe that even basic emotions are capable of clouding our judgement, thus affecting our ability to make rational decisions. However, the reality is more complicated than this, and neuroscience holds the key to understanding why.
March 29, 2019
consumer buying in a supermarket while doing a neuromarketing study
Neuromarketing is becoming more and more popular among companies. But, although everyone understands that neuromarketing consists of applying neuroscience to the field of marketing, depending on how it’s applied, we could be talking about theoretical or applied neuromarketing. Do you know the differences between them?
March 15, 2019
Researchers from examples of companies using neuromarketing
Today, brands are forced to employ increasingly novel approaches when assessing what drives consumers. To this end, many work with specialised neuromarketing companies that carry out implicit research studies. But what do these companies actually do? And what techniques do they use?
February 22, 2019
Person consulting a neuromarketing blog accompanied by another person looking at the newspaper
In an interconnected world where almost everybody visits the internet on a daily basis, online searches have become the most common way of obtaining information. So what are the best sources of neuromarketing news?
February 11, 2019
Neuromarketing ethics
Buy buttons, reptilian brains, brain reading… Science fiction or reality? Manipulation or exaggeration? Is there a limit to the direct influence of brands on consumer behaviour and purchase decisions? Is neuromarketing ethical?
January 30, 2019
Science and technology for neuromarketing
A neuromarketing study is actually a neuroscience study, and therefore the scientific methodology followed and the technology utilized are crucial to obtain reliable results. There are also other aspects to take into account… do you know which ones?
January 25, 2019
image that represents what is neuromarketing, definition and its advantages
Neuromarketing is the talk of the town and there are more and more professionals betting on its success. However, neuromarketing is still a very recent field and there are still several questions on what it is, how it is applied, what are the contributions, its limitations, etc. This post will bring answers to the main questions, along with links to other posts that will provide more information.
January 9, 2019
neuromarketing applicactions
Neuromarketing is a technique that is being increasingly utilised in market research. Neuromarketing accesses the nonconscious reactions of consumers to a product, brand, or advertising spot. Discover in this post the most common applications of neuromarketing.
December 22, 2018