Business & Marketing

Person carrying out a project of market research and digital transformation in the fourth industrial revolution.
The 4th Industrial Revolution is technology-driven and will impact the business market unprecedentedly, adding US$14.2 billion to the global economy in the next 15 years (Accenture), and affecting industries. Within this context, if the market research sector wants to survive such a deep transformation, it must overcome significant barriers. But… what are the challenges for market research and how can this industry be accelerated?
October 24, 2018
 Participant in consumer neuroscience study uses eeg and gsr neurotechnology at the food gastronomy fair 2018
Nutritional neuroscience is an increasing field of research that companies are implementing to better understand the gastronomic profiles consumers. New functional neuroimaging and human behavior research techniques are applied to get the neural and behavioural correlates of taste, food presentation and selection among many others.
October 18, 2018
Microphone of a speaker in a ted talk and neuromarketing video
How can I anticipate what consumers need? How can I predict the probability of success or failure of a campaign? What can I offer so that the purchase experience is memorable? What happens in the minds of the consumers before, during and after the purchase, and how can this affect my sales in the future? We suggest three neuromarketing TED conferences that give ideas on how to answer these questions.
August 31, 2018
Researcher consulting neuromarketing scientific studies and a research paper
Neuromarketing has sparked great interest from brands and researchers, and also from everybody interested in marketing and consumer behavior. However, it can be sometimes difficult to find high quality sources of information to consult. We have carefully selected some scientific journals for consultation, and summarized some standard procedures to identify these resources.
August 17, 2018
Student who is in a neuromarketing master
The offer for neuromarketing training has increased significantly in recent years. Selecting the correct education in accordance with your professional objectives is fundamental. Find out here some of the options in Spain.
August 10, 2018
person who are making a decision of what to buy
We make thousands of decisions every day in all areas of our life, from the most simple, mechanical and irrelevant decisions such as what to have for breakfast, until important and far-reaching decisions. Although we might think all were thoughtful rational decisions, a high percentage of these choices are not… but do we really know how our brain works when we make a decision? Do we have a strictly rational decision making process?
July 26, 2018