Top 10 sources of neuromarketing news and blogs in Spanish and English

Top 10 sources of neuromarketing news and blogs in Spanish and English

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By the Bitbrain team
February 11, 2019

In an interconnected world where almost everybody visits the internet on a daily basis, online searches have become the most common way of obtaining information. So what are the best sources of neuromarketing news? 

Where to find neuromarketing news?

In the case of neuromarketing, there are many sources where information concerning new advances in consumer neuroscience can be found. Web pages and blogs are popular tools because of their dynamic nature, user-friendliness, and range of content. They offer information about new trends, studies, and technologies related to market investigation and consumer psychology and neuroscience.

There are myriad reasons for people to prefer digital neuromarketing media as their source of information. First of all, the it is usually more summarised and the language is simpler than one would find on specific training courses, such as a neuromarketing graduate program. On blogs, there are different and interesting themes, from  neuromarketing scientific studies to videos and neuromarketing conferences, and even real-world application studies carried out by neuromarketing companies. Most of these sources make efforts to maintain updated information, which can help those interested to detect new trends in market research and find information on marketing strategies: how companies work, the neurometrics obtained, application of heuristics and cognitive biases in real cases, and the importance of emotions in marketing. Put simply, they provide an overview of neuromarketing and the techniques employed in this research method.

Be critical when consulting different information sources

There are however various things one must keep in mind when viewing these sites

  1. Information online is not necessarily true. It is important to consider that a lot of what is published on these platforms has not been corroborated or reviewed by experts. One must always be wary of the details presented as there is plenty of misinformation on the subject, and it is always important to investigate thoroughly.
  2. Be cautious of simplified scientific research regarding the functioning of the brain. Extremely basic explanations are likely to be missing important elements.
  3. Beware of reductionist and alarmist neuromarketing myths created by conclusions drawn on general information, rather than rigorous study. These include marketing recipes, such as the famous “buy button”. These  may be popular and profitable, but they have also caused great damage to the neuromarketing sector.
  4. There are famous neuromarketing recipes and tricks that are highly sought after in marketing. However, they are not the reality. It is common to see the results obtained in concrete neuromarketing studies explained by blogs and then rapidly generalised to form brand strategies- if in my study the participants prefer green dogs, do all humans therefore always prefer green dogs?

Independently of the profile of the person searching for information on neuromarketing, it is important to be critical at the time of selecting bedtime reading. Currently, there is a wide range of options available on the internet with valuable content on science based neuromarketing. Making educated selections and distinguishing the general from the specific is crucial to extracting benefits from the information.

Before listing the main websites and blogs, please understand that each one is directed to a target audience. This determines the content, tone, and level of detail.

The top 5 neuromarketing blogs in English

  • Neuromarca One of the best blogs in Spanish, overseen by Sergio Monge, full professor at the Basque Country University.
  • A very active blog that publishes up-to-date neuromarketing news for the Latin American sector.
  • Brain and Marketing:
    Provides general information on neuromarketing.
  • Neuromarketing Spain
    One of the most popular neuromarketing blogs in Spanish, with interesting articles on theoretical neuromarketing written by José Luis Pardo.
  • Psicología y Marketing:
    This blog presents information on neuromarketing, psychology, and consumerism, as well as marketing, strategy, client experience, and usability.

The top 5 neuromarketing blogs in Spanish

  • The Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA): This is the official NMSBA website and provides news and information on companies.
  • Roger Dooley’s blog: Neuroscience Marketing Frequently updated blog with plenty of news and neuromarketing articles.
  • Dan Russel’s blog: Speaking of Brilliance A provocative blog on consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing, written in an easy-to-follow style.
  • The Walnut Unlimited blog A blog that combines descriptive articles with the results of research, written in rigorous but accessible language.
  • Neuroscience News A news feed on neuroscience that includes a section on neuromarketing news but also encompasses psychology and consumer neuroscience.

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Finally, although this post has mentioned trusted websites and blogs, it must be highlighted that, along with the avalanche of information on neuromarketing, many myths have also been generated on what can be obtained from the consumer’s mind. It is important to keep in mind that consumer decisions are part of conscious and non-conscious decision making processes, which despite having been well established at a theoretical level but, are still being investigated.

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