Innovative devices and software tools for real-time monitoring of EEG, biosignals (ExG, GSR, RESP, TEMP, etc.), movement activity (EMG, IMUs, etc.) and eye-tracking (screen-based and mobile).

Wearable and mobile dry-EEG headset with 12 channels over pre-frontal, frontal, parietal and occipital brain areas, optimised for the estimation of emotional and cognitive states.

Wearable and mobile dry-EEG device with 8 dry electrodes over pre-frontal and occipital brain areas, optimised for the estimation of basic cognitive and emotional states

Wearable and wireless dry-EEG system with 9 channels over fronto-central, central and centro-parietal areas, optimised for the estimation of cognitive and sensorimotor states.

Versatile semi-dry EEG cap with 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels for mobile and wireless EEG monitoring with a very quick and easy setup, and outstanding signal quality.

Versatile pediatric semi-dry EEG cap with 16 or 32 channels for mobile and wireless EEG monitoring. With a very quick and easy setup, outstanding signal quality, and adapted for pediatric field.

Medical-grade brain monitoring anytime, anywhere, by anyone. The first wearable EEG based on smart textiles for digital health and real-world neuroscience research.

Mobile and versatile biosignal amplifier to monitor up to 35 physiological variables simultaneously with millisecond synchronisation.

Wearable and wireless device for real-time monitoring of electrodermal activity (GSR) and cardiac activity (BVP) for real-world applications and real-life research scenarios.

Wearable eye-tracking glasses (Tobii Pro Glasses 3) technology to capture and analyse natural visual behavior in real-world scenarios while ensuring outstanding robustness and accuracy.

Screen-based Tobii Pro eye tracking systems (Spark, Fusion and Spectrum) are designed to analyze the visual response to stimuli displayed on a screen.

SennsMetrics is a SennsLab extension to analyze your results with simplicity and flexibility, providing a wide range of emotional, cognitive and behavioral metrics.

Bitbrain software tools for data acquisition and programming, with large compatibility with real-time I/O and data processing third parties.

Synchronisation software for experimental design and data collection with 35+ seamlessly synchronised sensor modalities. Wide range of emotional and cognitive biometrics are also available with the Biometrics Plugin.

Scientific platform to measure the consumer's cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes, and make decisions based on rigorous and insightful data.

Accessible neuro health platform for neurological and mental healthcare and recovery

Development projects for customized neurotechnology solutions by the adaptation of one of our platforms, or by completely innovative solutions that integrate hardware and software. These projects encompass the development of a functional prototype until large-scale production of final products.

Design, execution, and interpretation of neuroscientific studies for the evaluation of products, services or experiences in different areas such as marketing, education, human resources or health.

Our services cover the study design, the execution of the fieldwork, and the interpretation of results into actionable insights. We help brands, universities, and consultancies to have a better understanding of their consumers and make strategic decisions based on empirical data.

Customized training services in neuroscience or neurotechnology, and design, development and execution services for communication actions that transmit an innovative image through neuroscience, innovation and cutting-edge technology.